Reborn Rich Episode 13 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 13, Song Joong-ki took the stake in Kim Hyun’s borrowed name. In the JTBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Reborn Rich’, which aired on the 17th, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) took a borrowed-name share of Lee Pil-ok (Kim Hyun), one step closer to the president of Sunyang Group. Losing was portrayed. 

On this day, Jin Yang-chul (played by Lee Seong-min) was upset about the poor performance of Sunyang Motors, saying, “Is this all my delusion, dogma, and egotism?” Jin Yang-cheol was especially heartbroken that his children distrusted the Sunyang Motors business.

In response, Jin Do-joon promised, “I will not allow anyone to call Sunyang Motors the grandfather’s delusion, dogma, and egotism,” and demanded that he delegate full authority over the new car ‘Apollo’. 

When Jin Yang-cheol saw Jin Do-joon not giving up on the Sunyang Motor business, he said, “I look pitiful in the eyes of the shopkeeper. Among the many sons in my family, Do-joon is the only one who thinks of me.” 

At that time, Jin Do-joon called the shareholders and mentioned the weakness of ‘Apollo’ and said, “So we will not sell Apollo. This is what you and I have to sell,” he said, showing the 2002 World Cup logo. Jin Do-joon suggested an unprecedented promotion, saying, “If our national team wins the World Cup for the first time, 100 Apollos, if it advances to the round of 16, 400 units, and if it reaches the semifinals of the dream stage, 1,000 units.”

In response, shareholders reacted negatively, saying, “Isn’t it difficult to go through the 16th, let alone the 4th?” Jin Do-joon said, “People will remember our new car as a moment of desperate cheering. If the national team achieves its dream, the people will remember Apollo with a strong sense of victory.”

On the other hand, Mo Hyun-min (played by Park Ji-hyun) was shocked when he noticed Jin Yang-cheol’s symptoms of delirium. To Hyeon-min Mo, who brought the car, Jin Yang-cheol said, “Listen to all the songs and go. I deliberately found and played songs that you like, but listen to all of them and go.”

Jin Yang-cheol continued, “Don’t worry about Yoon-gi (Kim Young-jae). I’m going to pass down the sunyang to Yoon-gi’s son,” and asked, “Yoon-gi’s mother, did you resent me a lot?” Jin Do-jun appeared next to Mo Hyeon-min, who was shocked, and Jin Do-jun took Jin Yang-cheol to the study. Jin Yang-cheol reproached himself, saying, “I must have made a mistake,” and Lee Pil-ok, who heard this, said to Mo Hyun-min, “I’ll take care of the chairman’s car, so you should pay attention to other places. Didn’t your grandfather say anything special to you?” asked Mo Hyun-min lied and said, “You didn’t say anything.”

The new car ‘Apollo’ increased sales along with the miracle of the 2002 World Cup. Jin Do-joon, who visited Jeong Shim-jae to report his dreamlike achievements, found Jin Yang-cheol lying down and took him to the hospital. However, Jin Yang-cheol could not get up from his seat. Afterwards, the people of the Sunyang family fell into wonder when they saw the will left by Jin Yang-cheol. Because there was no mention of Jin Do-jun, whom he loved the most.

Oh Se-hyun (Park Hyuk-kwon) questioned Jin Do-joon, suspecting that there was a separate agreement behind the scenes. Jin Do-jun said, “I don’t know at all. I can’t even guess what that nasty old man’s heart is. Why did you say that you would hand over Sunyang to me, and if it’s not a lie, why did you revise the will? ” he was angry.

Then he shouted, “Who the hell am I to you, Grandpa? Later, Lee Pil-ok confessed that she gave her power to the three Jin siblings and held 17% of her borrowed-name shares. She announced that Lee Pil-ok “will be given to the son who will take care of the rest of our family in harmony”, and Jin-hwa-young (Kim Shin-rok) offered to hand over the holding company’s stake to Jin Do-joon on the condition that the department store’s stake be restored.

In response, Jin Yoon-gi advised Jin Do-joon, “Let’s release the CCTV footage of the grandfather’s hospital room. The will written in a state of cognitive loss can be invalidated.” However, Jin Do-joon ordered the deletion of the CCTV footage.

Jin Do-joon was disappointed, saying, “Can my father understand that I should disclose my grandfather’s personal information to the whole world for the sake of my grandfather’s honor? warned that it would come. Meanwhile, Jin Do-jun found a way to protect the holding company’s management rights. There was a way to bring Lee Pil-ok’s borrowed-name shares and to be appointed as the CEO at the shareholders’ meeting.

Jin Do-joon sent a forgery sales ledger to Seo Min-young, who was continuing the investigation into Simhwa-rang, and pressured Lee Pil-ok. After being asked by Min-young Seo to respond to the summons investigation as her reference, Pil-ok Lee handed over all her shares to Do-jun Jin.

Earlier, Jin Do-joon threatened Lee Pil-ok by saying that he had physical evidence of her murder teacher. Mo Hyun-bin informed Jin Seong-jun (Kim Nam-hee) of this fact, and Jin Seong-jun relayed it back to Jin Young-ki (Yoon Je-moon). Jin Young-ki met with Seo Min-young and said, “I have to correct it even now.” He said, “I heard that my nephew has evidence of the murder teacher. My family’s youngest member, director Jin Do-joon of Miracle,” drew attention.

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