Reborn Rich Episode 12 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 12, the culprit of the traffic accident who tried to kill Lee Seong-min and Song Joong-ki of the chaebol house was Kim Hyeon. 

In JTBC’s ‘Reborn Rich”, which aired on the 16th, it was revealed that Lee Pil-ok (Kim Hyun) was the real culprit who tried to kill Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Seong-min) and Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki).

On this day, Jin Yang-cheol mistook day and night and finished preparing to go to the board of directors at 9:00 pm. In response, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) warned, “If you show symptoms of delirium at the board of directors, then you may resign from your position as chairman.” 

Later, at the board of directors meeting of the Sunyang Group Holding Company, Seong-Jun Jin (Nam-Hee Kim) expressed his ambition, saying, “Is there really a place for you in the young Sunyang? Jin Seong-jun approached Jin Do-jun and whispered, “But Do-joon, can you say that you are the grandfather Jin Yang-cheol?

Right before the board of directors passed, Jin Yang-cheol, who should have been in the hospital, appeared, and Jin Do-joon, who was supported by Jin Yang-cheol, rose to the position of president. Soon after, the real culprit who set up a murder by instigating a traffic accident was portrayed as Jin Seong-jun, but Jin Seong-jun was not the real culprit. The flowers and birds that the culprits who organized the traffic accident received were fabricated.

Mo Hyeon-min (Park Ji-hyeon) introduced Seo Min-yeong (Shin Hyeon-bin) to the gallery that took the forgery, and the real owner of the gallery was Lee Pil-ok, Jin Yang-cheol’s wife. Jin Do-joon found out about all this. Pil-ok Lee went to Yang-cheol Jin, and Yang-cheol Jin said, “Is that you? Did you tell me to kill me if I did that? Why didn’t you answer?”

Pil-ok Lee said, “I was wrong. I think I was out of my mind. I did the best I could, but I couldn’t see the children standing on the folding screen of Yoongi’s father and son, whose 60th birthday is the day after tomorrow,” he asked for forgiveness. Lee Seong-min, who had been listening quietly, showed symptoms of delirium again and returned to his early marriage. Noticing this, Pil-ok Lee’s eyes changed, and she took Jin Yang-cheol to her house.

Pil-ok Lee tried to tell the family members except Jin Yoon-gi about the symptoms of Jin Yang-cheol, but Jin Do-joon appeared and presented evidence of the traffic accident culprit, so Lee Pil-ok said that Jin Yang-cheol was healthy. Jin Do-joon threatened Lee Pil-ok, “I will keep grandmother’s secret. Gandfather’s secret must be kept by his grandmother. In particular, our family should not know about grandfather’s delirium.”

At the same time, Jin Do-jun whispered, “If any of my family members find out, then I will also submit it to the prosecution as evidence to prove the grandmother’s charges.” Jin Do-joon, who later met Seo Min-young, lied that he hadn’t found anything and said that he was planning to end the case with a simple car accident.

At the end of Reborn Rich Ep 12, Jin Seong-joon visited his wife’s house, and with the power of Hyun-seong Ilbo manipulated public opinion to have Jin Yang-cheol attend the hearing.

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