Reborn Rich Episode 11 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 11, it was revealed that Jin Seong-joon (Kim Nam-hee), the youngest son of a conglomerate family, was behind the accident.

In the JTBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Reborn Rich’ which aired on the 11th, the person behind the threat to Jin Yang-chul (Lee Seong-min) and Jin Do-jun’s (Song Joong-ki) life was revealed on the surface.

Mo Hyun-min met Vibrator at the gallery. The vibrator said, “I will decide. Let’s find Jin Do-jun’s seat before it’s too late. People become desperate when there is no alternative. My father has two useful grandchildren,” he suggested to Jin Yang-cheol for the return of Jin Seong-joon. Even though Jin Yang-cheol showed a negative stance, he ordered Jin Seong-jun to return to the headquarters in Gwanghwamun.

Mo Hyun-min went to Seong-jun Jin and said, “Is it fun to live like this? He came to warn. It’s because I’m afraid I’ll blow the opportunity I made difficult. Keep your mind straight from now on,” he warned. Jin Seong-jun returned to the headquarters in Gwanghwamun and learned from Kim Joo-ryeo that the Sunyang Financial Holding Company was established and that the company’s CEO was likely to be the successor. In the meantime, Jin Do-joon heard from Seo Min-yeong that the stock price manipulation charge had been cleared of charges, and promised, “This is the last time I will meet a suspect as a prosecutor.”

The point of view returns to the present, and the car in which Jin Yang-cheol and Jin Do-jun are riding is on the verge of a traffic accident. As news of the car accident was reported on the news that evening, people from Sunyang Group gathered at the hospital. The doctor revealed that Jin Yang-cheol was in a coma, and did not reveal the condition of Jin Do-joon, raising questions.

Fortunately, Jin Yang-cheol and Jin Do-joon were alive. Ha In-seok got in between the truck and the car and absorbed the shock, so his life was not greatly affected. Jin Yang-cheol, who was in a coma, was reading the newspaper in the hospital room. A discord broke out between the Sunyang Group family members, who Jin Yang-cheol knew was in a coma, over the successor structure.

Jin Yeong-ki declared that he would fill the void left by Jin Yang-cheol by holding a board meeting of a financial holding company, and Jin Dong-gi raised his voice, asking if Jin Do-joon was going to be the CEO of the company and would live as a hukou again. Lee Pil-ok sighed, saying, “Among the children that came out of my belly, there is not a single one that is fine.”

Mo Hyun-min asked Jin Seong-jun about the whereabouts of Flower and Bird Island. Since it was the first time that Jin Seong-jun did not take the painting through Mo Hyun-min, doubts grew. Jin Yang-cheol figured out that Jin Seong-jun was behind the accident. Jin Yang-cheol said, “Who is it that wants to kill me?” Wow, he wants to kill me.” Jin Yang-cheol was afraid that Jin Do-joon was trying to kill him.

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