Reborn Rich Episode 10 Recap & Summary

In Reborn Rich Ep 10, Song Joong-ki and Lee Sung-min got into a car accident. 

In the JTBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Reborn Rich’, which aired on the 10th, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki) and Jin Yang-cheol (Lee Sung-min) were in a car accident and felt their lives threatened. 

On this day, Seo Min-young (Shin Hyun-bin), who entered the board of directors in an emergency, said, “A false report made to the prosecution is subject to the crime of obstruction of public affairs,” and released a recorded file of executive director Lim who served Jin-hwa-young (Kim Shin-rok). 

Seo Min-young said, “This is a recorded file sent to the prosecutor’s office by a former director in charge of finance. Is your voice correct?” and pressed Jin-hwa-young, and Jin-hwa-young said, “Did Lim, managing director, eavesdrop on me? Since when?”Seo Min-young concluded by saying, “Then, the circumstances of the embezzlement of public money seem to have been sufficiently proven. The false report was made by CEO Jin, not Miracle.” Afterwards, Jin Do-joon suggested Jin Hwa-young, “This is my last chance. Give me the stake in the department store.”

When Jin Do-young refused, Jin Do-joon said, “Do you think your grandfather will accept your aunt, who lost her affiliate company? Will your aunt, whose political life is over, welcome you? I will let you live as the daughter of Go Myung-cheol, chairman of Sunyang Group Jin Yang-cheol.” Jin Do-jun calmly replied, “My aunt taught me that. I can’t become the heir to Sun-yang. Then I should buy it. Just like now.” Jinhwa-young had no choice but to transfer stake in Sunyang Department Store.

Jin Do-joon installed a professional manager at Sunyang Department Store and cut the first link in the succession of the Sunyang family business. Jin Yang-cheol knew that Jin Do-joon had been transferred Jin Hwa-yeong’s shares in Sunyang Department Store, and knew that Jin Do-joon’s heart was sincere when he declared, “I will buy the Sunyang Group.”

Jin Yang-chul felt a strange sense of sympathy with Jin Do-joon and advised him, “Don’t trust anyone. Don’t give affection to anyone. In the end, that’s all your weakness.” Jin Do-joon asked, “Then I can doubt and change my mind against my grandfather, so would it be okay?”

Then Jin Yang-chul laughed meaningfully, saying, “Do-jun, do you think I trust you?” Meanwhile, Seo Min-young said, “You lied to me,” and was upset that Jin Do-joon used her to kick Jin-hwa-young out of Sunyang Department Store. However, Jin Do-joon said, “Who said that? I lied? Let’s go” and dragged Seo Min-young and showed Seo Tai-ji’s comeback scene on the billboard. Seo Min-young was delighted. Jin Do-jun said, “You still think I’m lying? If you don’t believe me, trust me Min-young, the Seo Min-young I know will definitely be a good prosecutor.”

Seo Min-young and Jin Do-joon confirmed each other’s feelings and kissed each other. However, rumors spread that Jin Do-joon’s Miracle Joo was involved in manipulation. Oh Se-hyeon grasped the rumor saying, “I know the flow of our stock trading in quite detail,” and Jin Do-joon noticed that the vibrator (Cho Han-cheol) was behind it.

Vibrator suggested to Jin Yang-cheol, “The eldest father who embraced his nephew’s trial and error, isn’t the picture good? Sunyang Securities will take over Miracle”, drawing sympathy. In the end, Jin Do-jun escaped the crisis by withdrawing all of his overseas investment money just before the 9/11 attacks. Vibrator copied the investment portfolio without knowing Jin Do-jun’s strategy, and faced a crisis. Then Jin Do-joon went to the vibrator and warned, “I came to buy it.

The CEO of a securities company waiting for the crash to come. I can’t let it sit there anymore. “Vibrator, who tasted the humiliation, got drunk and started a riot with Jin Yang-cheol, saying, “Isn’t that what you wanted to give to Do-jun from the beginning of Sunyang?

In response, Jin Yang-cheol met Jin Do-joon and was about to say, “I want to give Sunyang Financial Group to you,” but just then the car they were riding in had a traffic accident. Jin Do-jun recalled Hyun-woo Yoon’s memories and felt a sense of crisis, saying, “Now I know why he had no memory of 4-2. Because he is already dead. What will happen will happen.”

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