Reborn Rich Ending Explained

The drama ‘Reborn Rich’ ended with Song Joong-ki’s (Jin Do Joon) repentance before returning.

In the 16th episode of JTBC’s drama ‘Reborn Rich’, which aired on December 25, Jin Do-joon (Song Joong-ki), who died in the second episode of his life, played Yoon Hyeon-woo (Song Joong-ki) in the first episode of his life. woke up again.

Reborn Rich Episode 16 Recap: On this day, Hyunwoo Yoon woke up in a foreign hospital. Seo Min-young (Shin Hyun-bin) saved Hyun-woo Yoon, who was shot and fell into the sea due to betrayal by someone in the Sunyang Group after coming to search for slush funds as instructed by Jin Seong-jun.When Yoon Hyun-woo said thank you, Seo Min-yeong said, “You didn’t have a face like this before. It was a face that said you would never show any gaps, but now it’s a disarmed face.

Why are you burdened that I’m going to campaign for being a life saver? Don’t be burdened. For Hyun-woo Yoon. He explained the reason for the rescue, saying, “It was not for me, but for me. Yoon Hyun-woo’s testimony is absolutely necessary for me. So, I asked the NIS local agents to identify Yoon Hyun-woo’s movements, and thanks to them, I witnessed the scene and rescued him.”

“Next, Min-young Seo said, “I plan to prosecute Jin Yeong-ki for illegal succession to the chairman. If there is testimony from Yoon Hyun-woo, the financial manager of the Sunyang Group, the court will not be able to hide from the statement that the evidence is insufficient. Didn’t you come here because of the slush fund? That slush fund Sunyang Isn’t it related to the succession work?” He asked directly if he knew who was doing it.

In response, Yoon Hyeon-woo evaded the answer, saying, “I don’t ask the reason for the work of the owner’s family. Whatever the situation is, I do it. It’s my job.” Afterwards, Seo Min-young and Yun Hyun-woo, who returned to Korea, attracted attention when they were accused of embezzling 700 billion won and chased. Yoon Hyeon-woo, who ran away, went to visit Kim Joo-ryun and asked why he had to go through this.

Then Kim Joo-ryeon said, “You still don’t know the owner’s family that much,” and said, “You must have wanted to hide the existence of the illegal slush fund. Wouldn’t it be possible without you? You are a servant of the Jin family, and you went to remove the tag attached to the illegal fund of 700 billion won. You told Vice-Chairman Seong-jun Jin that your usefulness is just there,” and Yoon Hyun-woo said, “I wouldn’t have come this far if I hadn’t met the team leader 20 years ago. He was angry, but he was ignored, saying that revenge is something only powerful people do.

After that, Yoon Hyeon-woo went to Seo Min-young to please. Then, Yoon Hyun-woo said, “A person who needs 700 billion won without the label Sunyang Micro. In order to steal the money, he ordered Shin Gyeong-min. This is not an embezzlement of public money, but an obvious attempted murder.” I need strength. Someone said that revenge is for powerful people, not unfair people.

“Since then, it was difficult to find circumstantial evidence that Shin Gyeong-min had already fled abroad, but through Min-young Seo, Hyun-woo Yoon was investigated without detention. And Hyun-woo Yoon, who returned home, said, ‘A week of lying in the hospital as Hyun-woo Yoon. He lived 17 years as Dojun Jin, was it a dream Possession, or time travel that I went alone? I still haven’t found the answer. Am I the only one who has such a vivid memory? There is someone I want to ask here,’ he said, confused about whether his memories as Jin Do-joon were a dream or real life, and went to Oh Se-hyeon.

Oh Se-hyeon expressed his hatred for Sunyang, saying, “It’s been 10 years since I sold all my shares in Sunyang and came here. I don’t want to see Sunyang Made in. But you, the Sunyang Man, are polluting it.” In response, Yoon Hyun-woo, who relaxed his guard a little by revealing that he was “a former cruiser man who got a bullet in his head while running errands for the owner’s family’s slush funds,” pointed out that he “made an excuse that his partner passed away.”

Then Oh Se-hyeon confessed the reason for giving up everything, saying, “I wondered if there was a way to live without seeing the ugly brothers fight for management rights anymore.” Through this, Yoon Hyeon-woo, who was convinced that it was a reality, not a dream, said, “I almost lost my life in the succession battle of the owner family. With data,” he said similarly to Jin Do-joon, and Oh Se-hyeon was surprised, saying, “Who are you?”

Oh Se-hyun approached Jin Do-joon’s mother Lee Hae-in (Jeong Hye-young), who owns a 3% stake in the product. When Lee Hae-in reacted harshly, saying, “Whose side are you on?” Oh Se-hyeon replied, “Isn’t that the person of Do-jun? I’m thinking of finding a new owner for Sun-yang. The time has come for her to properly use her shares and voting rights.” surprised her.

Yoon Hyun-woo entered Miracle with Oh Se-hyun. Then, he moved the minority shareholders’ alliance to try to take away management rights and voting rights from the owner’s family. Kim Joo-ryun ignored this situation and tried to solve both minority shareholders and Oh Se-hyun with money. Afterwards, the minority shareholders received money and valuables from the management and dismissed the shareholders’ meeting request.

Oh Se-hyeon, however, showed his composure, saying that this was just fishing. Jin Seong-joon tried to protect management rights by collecting stocks to deal with the returning Oh Se-hyun. Soon, Seo Min-young heard that Mo Hyun-min’s (Park Ji-hyun’s) maternal cousin had moved with a whopping 600 billion won. In the process, Seo Min-young found out that 700 billion won had flowed into the institution.

Choi Chang-je (played by Kim Do-hyun) and Jin-hwa-young (played by Kim Shin-rok) contacted Seo Min-young. It is her tenure to push her politically, and to block the succession of her managerial rights by Jin Young-gi, her father and son, Jin Seong-jun. However, Seo Min-young showed a crooked reaction, saying, “They pushed us to investigate the car accident in which director Jin Do-joon died. Then, he asked Choi Chang-je and Jinhwa-young, who asked them to say what they wanted, “Please hold a hearing related to Sunyang Products. Shouldn’t Sunyang and Seocho-dong know that the whole nation is watching?”

Ahead of the hearing, Seo Min-yeong visited the only survivor and witness of a car accident 20 years ago to set up as a witness for the hearing. Meanwhile, the family meeting of the Sunyang family was also revealed. Here, Jin Dong-gi’s wife said, “We all know why Do-jun died 20 years ago. Seong-jun is”, confidently saying that Jin Seong-jun was the culprit.

Then, the scene of Jin Young-ki and Jin Seong-jun in the past 20 years ago was drawn. He showed Jin Seong-jun’s business card stained with blood to Jin Seong-jun, who felt unfair that he was never the culprit. Jin Do-joon’s accident scene assailant came out of the driver’s seat. Jin Young-ki said, “In the driver’s account statement, Sung-jun’s name also appeared. If you were Do-jun, how much would you have suffered?

Is there anyone in our family who doesn’t know your heart? Who would believe you in this situation?” I won’t let him live. First of all, I want this father to have the management rights. That way the world will not doubt you. Now I’m just listening to my father,” he threatened his son. Seongjun Jin suffered from memories of this time. And Mo Hyeon-min orders Jin Seong-jun not to attend the hearing because it is not his duty. Seongjun Jin was furious and decided to attend the hearing right away.

Yoon Hyeon-woo, who sat in the witness stand at the hearing, revealed, “I was entrusted with the task of delegating 700 billion slush funds to Sunyang. Yoon Hyun-woo made the scene agitated by mentioning the name of Jin Seong-jun when asked by lawmakers who they thought was the person who ordered this. However, the NIS agents who saved Yoon Hyun-woo could not attend as witnesses, and his words were difficult to prove.

Accordingly, Seo Min-yeong found a survivor who witnessed Jin Do-joon’s accident, which could not be revealed due to Sun-yang’s power, and set him up as a witness for the hearing. The person who entered at this time was Ha In-seok (Park Ji-hoon), who was Jin Do-joon’s secretary. Ha In-seok testified, “Jin Do-joon was murdered 20 years ago. Are you going to shut my mouth again? The past 20 years are enough. It is still as vivid as yesterday.

The car accident that day was not an accident. It was a murder. “Then, when asked if he knew the culprit, he approached Hyunwoo Yoon without hesitation, saying, “There is an accomplice here.” Ha In-seok asked Hyun-woo Yoon, “You remember everything? Weren’t you at the scene of the accident?” However, soon, Yoon Hyun-woo was recognized as Jin Do-joon, and all the statements made in the testimony table lost their value as evidence due to alcohol-induced dementia.

After that, the truth about the day of the accident 20 years ago was revealed. Yoon Hyun-woo, who was the driver of a truck parked in front of Jin Do-joon’s car, witnessed the death of Jin Do-joon in a traffic accident caused by a large truck. Jin Do-jun belatedly learned the truth and asked Kim Joo-ryun, “Why don’t you tell me? However, when Kim Joo-ryun persuaded him by saying, “You were born once, shouldn’t you live like everyone else?”

Hyunwoo Yoon said, ‘What I wanted to erase that day was not the scars left on my hands. He said, ‘The face of Jin Do-joon who was looking at me,’ and he shocked us by revealing that he clearly remembered the accident at the time. After that, Yoon Hyun-woo had his younger brother send the file in the USB that he had hidden in a flowerpot at home to him. Afterwards, Yoon Hyun-woo released a recording of the conversation with Kim Joo-ryun, saying, “A person died because of me” at the hearing.

Yoon Hyeon-woo said, “How about an accomplice’s confession? I am an accomplice at the scene of the death of director Jin Do-joon. The conversation recorded on my cell phone at that time is proof of that.” At that time, it was Jin Young-ki who ordered Kim Joo-ryun to deal with Jin Do-joon.

As a result, the owner family of the Sunyang Group withdrew from management, and a professional manager took charge of Sunyang instead. Oh Se-hyun, who bought the head of Hyun-woo Yoon, who succeeded in taking the management right empty-handed without owning a single stock, decided to buy his ability. Yoon Hyeon-woo, who started working at Miracle, said, ‘I know now. It’s neither possessiveness nor time travel. that was repentance Repentance for Jin Do-joon. And I, repentance for Yun Hyun-woo,’ he reflected. With this the drama ended.

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