Pregnant Im Soo Hyang Visits Gynaecologist, Will She Abort The Child or Keep It In Her Womb? ‘Woori The Virgin’

Im Soo Hyang visits an obstetrics and gynaecology examination after becoming pregnant due to a medical accident.

Oh Woo-ri (Im Soo-hyang), who is determined to give birth to her child, will undergo an ultrasound examination of her obstetrics and gynaecologist in the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Woori the Virgin,’ which will air on the 16th. Oh Woo-Ri’s visit to the obstetrics and gynaecologist clinic drew the notice of Raphael (Seong-Hoon) and Lee Kang-Jae (Shin Dong-Wook).

Due to a medical mishap, Oh Woori was pregnant with Raphael’s child. She is deeply troubled due to her accidental pregnancy but decides to give the child a chance in her womb and doesn’t give up on herself.

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Woori the Virgin kdrama New Stills

‘Woori the Vigin’ released still cuts of Oh Woori’s ahead of episode 3’s release. In the released stills, Woori and Raphael’s family assemble in the obstetrics and gynaecology lobby, staring at someone with various expressions in preparation for their first ultrasound examination.

Oh Woori, her grandma Seogwi and Oh Eun-ran have a strained expressions on their faces, but Lee Mari has a relieved expression, creating a conflicting environment.

Woori’s boyfriend, Lee Kang-Jae, is staring at Raphael, the child’s biological father, as if he is aware of them, generating a subtle nervous conflict between the two. The audience is eager to see what kind of story Ohwoori will tell and what actions she will take.

Meanwhile, Woori the Virgin is a remake of the American sitcom “Jane the Virgin” that ran on The CW in the United States for five seasons from 2014 to 2022.

It is a romantic comedy-drama about Oh Woo-ri, a lady who has maintained her virginal purity but becomes pregnant through artificial insemination, as a result of a doctor’s error during a routine check-up.

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