Park Seon Ho Is All Set To Make A Full Fledged Return After Military Discharge

Actor Park Seon-ho is getting ready to make a full comeback after his mandatory military discharge.

His agency, IHQ, published many new profile pictures of Park Seon-ho on the 24th of June, showcasing his endearing charm.

Park Seon-ho displayed his alluring aura in the published photographs. The image of Park Seon-ho wearing a beige-coloured sweater conveys a sense of friendliness to the general public in a natural mood.

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K-Actor Park Seon Ho, Image Courtesy: IHQ

The image, on the other hand, wearing the black suit, maximises the maturing eyes after being discharged from the military. With his elegant charm that suddenly changed, he also drew a lot of attention with the way he wore a suit.

In 4-5 years, I finally filmed a new profile, Park Seon-ho stated. In the meantime, he has worked hard to portray in this profile the picture of him transitioning from his 20s to his 30s, serving in the military, and getting mature.

We would like you to meet him all through his good work as he has grown up. He worked hard to gain various experiences, studied acting diligently and prepared well, so please give him a lot of interest and support, his agency added.

By appearing in the dramas “Rugal,” “The Best Chicken,” and the movie “Champion,” Park Seon-ho established a strong filmography. However, he temporarily left fans when he decided to join the military in 2020.

He is regarded as one of the most well-liked performers due to his strong acting abilities and excellent aesthetics. He will explore a variety of works, including dramas and films, and the next project is being carefully considered.

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