Park Min Young Reveals ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ Was Her Most Difficult Work

Forecasting Love and Weather will be remembered as the most physically and intellectually demanding work as if you worked at the Meteorological Agency. It was my first time doing complete pre-production, so I was nervous and researched diligently. Every night, I couldn’t sleep since I was studying so hard. It was one of the most difficult homework assignments for me because I filmed it as if I was doing each task. Park Min Young revealed this during an online interview to celebrate the success of “Forecasting Love and Weather.”


‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ earned positive reviews in the early stages of the broadcast due to its rapid development, but as the episodes progressed, it received a negative response due to its frustrating development. “I opted to present with the script for the fourth portion out,” Park Min-young responded. I opted to wait till the fourth section since it was so much fun and interesting, and I knew I could do well, but I was also nervous. And I was concerned that there may be some stumbling blocks, “she explained.

She went on to say, “There can’t always be sunny days in a drama line, and I assumed there would be problems if there were enjoyable portions in the start. I feel like I’m making it up, therefore I think the finale was successful.”

The process of studying the Korea Meteorological Agency was also required because it was the first Korean drama to feature the agency in the background. “It took me a long time to understand what the Meteorological Agency is,” Park Min-young remarked. “As someone who did it, I considered what I could display and attempted to express it realistically without distorting it,” she explained.


“The data on the Korea Meteorological Administration is rare,” she said, “Therefore I watched the documentary several times.” I took a tour of the facility and studied their tone of speech, among other things. I spoke challenging lines, but I also practised trying to replicate naturalness in everyday language. In the Korea Meteorological Agency, I had to be the background colour in a lot of cases, so I spilt a dictionary. ” “I’m not sure if that came across clearly,” she continued.

There were also questions regarding the principled nature of the character. “As a character who joined the elite course level 5, there would have been jealousy around her, and there would have been many incidents of seniors being treated as subordinates,” she explained. She may have been born cold-hearted, but she has grown a personality as a result of the work. I assumed it was, and I considered whether I had a system of my own that could not be helped in a given setting. ‘

Park Min Young, Image: Tenasia

“I found out that Korea has a challenging terrain that makes me nod my head as to why it is so difficult to forecast,” Park Min-young said when asked whether she learned anything new about the Korea Meteorological Agency while preparing for the work. The budget is lower than that of other meteorological agencies in other nations. She added, “I also discovered that it was substantially less.” Source (1)

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