Park Min Young Entangles Between Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Jae Young In New Drama “Love In Contract”

The main poster for the new drama “Love In Contract” shows Go Kyung-Pyo and Kim Jae-young beneath Park Min-young’s wedding veil.

The casting of Park Min-young (Choi Sang-Eun), Go Kyung-Pyo (Jung Ji-ho), and Kim Jae-young (Kang Hae-jin) by director Nam Seong-woo, who also directed “Cohabitation,” “Kkondae Intern,” “Kill It,” and other films, has raised hopes for the show.

Park Min-young plays “Sang-Eun Choi,” a meticulous contract marriage specialist, Go Kyung-Pyo portrays “Jung Ji-ho,” a mysterious long-term client of Park Min-young’s who has been with her for five years, and Kim Jae-young pops out of nowhere to join the ranks of Hwa-mok-to’s clients. He will likely take on the role of “Strong Haejin.”

The main poster for “Love In Contract,” which features Park Min-young, Go Kyung-Pyo, and Kim Jae-young in great chemistry, was revealed on the 23rd of August, garnering attention. Park Min-young is depicted in the main poster, grouping Ko Kyung-Pyo and Kim Jae-young behind her veil while donning a white wedding veil.

Park Min-young first draws attention by looking directly ahead while maintaining a casual demeanour by crossing her arms. Even the audience is cheered up by her brilliant smile. On the other hand, Go Kyung-Pyo, on Park Min-young’s right, explodes a quiet and intelligent atmosphere with a stylish expression devoid of a smile in a suit, sending shivers down women’s spines.

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Kim Jae-young, the other man who is next to Park Min-young, grabs attention with a smirk. A light-hearted appearance oozes sly appeal.

However, a quiet but anxious struggle between Go Kyung-Pyo and Kim Jae-young to check on each other is exposed, piquing interest in their love triangle. On the other hand, Go Kyung-Pyo and Kim Jae-young are grasping the end of her bridal veil as though they want to be with Park Min-young.

Expectations for a second-chance romance between contract marriage master Park Min-young and Go Kyung-Pyo and Kim Jae-young are raised by a replica of the contract marriage master’s fondant romance.

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