Park Min-young and Song Kang were caught in a house in the middle of the night | Forecasting Love and Weather

Park Min-young and Song Kang were caught in the middle of the night in a house. It begs the question of whether this is an indication of a new interpersonal relationship.

On the 19th, the third episode of JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Forecasting Love and Weather: The Cruelty of Office Romance’ (hereafter referred to as ‘Meteorological Administration People’) soared to the highest audience rating of 8.4% per minute (Nielsen Korea based on paid households in the metropolitan area).

“If it’s good, we’re dating,” Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) stated, asking Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young), who had an unclear attitude like the changing season, for a definitive answer. As promised, the fourth episode is where Ha-kyung can hear the answer, regardless of which direction her heart turned.

forecasting love and weather
Forecasting Love and Weather, Image Credit: Netflix

The revealed two-shot, in the midst of this, elevates the heart rate of fans waiting for the main show. Si-woo, who is staying at Ha-kyung’s house is up late at night looking over the materials with him. Above all, we can see Ha-kyung’s feelings for Si-woo in this picture.Because Ha-kyung’s eyes have hearts drawn on them, which surreptitiously catch Si-woo’s sleeping face. It begs the question of whether this is a response to the previous night’s confession, “Will you date me?”

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Forecasting Love and Weather, Image Credit: Netflix

“Ha kyung’s eyes on Si-woo have softened,”. “Does this signal a shift in Ha-kyung’s resolve to never be in a relationship with a male again?” Fans are excited to see wherther their love bloom or not in the upcoming episodes.

Forecasting Love and Weather Plot & Synopsis

Forecasting Love and Weather tells the story of individual who works in the same office at Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. It revolves around their work and love lives of Jin Ha Kyung an intelligent and exceedingly organized person who does everything by the book and is picky around keeping her personal and professional lives seperate and, Lee Shi Woo a free soul who always thinks outside the box. In spite of the fact that he looks clumsy, he brags an noteworthy IQ of 150 and is able to realize anything once he sets his intellect to it.

When will fourth episode of Forecasting Love and Weather air?

On the 20th, the fourth episode of ‘Forecastong Love and Weather’ will air.

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