Park Hee Soon Of Netflix’s ‘A Model Family’ Talks About His Increasing Popularity Among Female Fans

Park Hee-soon spoke about the rise in female fans and his wife, Park Ye-jin’s response to his fame.

On August 16, through a video interview, he recounted several tales, including his thoughts on becoming a part of the Netflix original series “A Model Family.”

In the crime drama A Model Family, Dong-ha Park (Jung-woo), the head of an ordinary family who is facing divorce and bankruptcy, accidentally discovers a bag full of money, and becomes involved with a criminal organisation. The dramas “The Good Doctor,” “Healer,” and “Suits” as well as the second season of the Netflix series “Love Alarm” director Kim Jin-woo is in charge of directing.

Park Hee-soon plays the part of “Gwang-cheol” in the drama, the one responsible for finding Dong-ha’s missing money bag. Through the part of “Gwang-cheol,” he enthralled audiences by creating an incredible sense of tension.

With “My Name,” Park Hee-soon gained the descriptors “Sexy mature” and “Idol of Thousands,” and he is loved by female fans. I appreciate you telling me so much, but I’m not sure,” he said. I have no idea what sexy is.

Park Hee-soon also spoke about how her wife Park Ye-jin felt about his increasing fan base of females. They keep talking about how much management is needed, he remarked.

Additionally, he talked about Park Ye-jin’s response while she was watching “A Model Family.” According to Park Hee-soon, certain pieces display scripts.

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