Park Eun Bin To Hold Her 1st Fan Meeting In Her 27 Years Of Acting Career

For the first time since her debut, actress Park Eun-bin, who is gaining widespread acclaim for her role in ENA drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” will host a solo fan event. Park Eunbin will hold her first solo fan at the Sungshin Women’s University Unjeong Green Campus in Seoul on September 3 and will meet in person with her fans.

The title of the fan meeting, “2022 Park Eun-bin 1st FAN MEETING Eunbin’s Note: Empty Kan,” is similar to a “thought note” (character note), where she writes her own reflections on the work and character while she prepares the work. I want to remember the first meeting for a very long time, thus I want to document it, she said.

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The subtitle ‘Bin (斌) Kan’ adds specialness to the fan meeting by meaning that the fans are inseparable to Park Eun-bin, and the existence that makes Park Eun-bin shine and fills her even more. In particular, the use of Park Eun-bin’sChinese name, “Shine Bin”, conveys her genuine sincerity towards her fans by implying that “meeting with her fans is the most bright moment for Park Eun-bin.”

Additionally, Park Eun-bin’s official logo for the meeting was made public concurrently with the release of poster, which drawn attention. The symbol is thought to represent Eunbin Park’s name’s English acronym, or “EB,” which she has used since she was in school.

Park Eun-bin began her career in entertainment industry as a model for children’s apparel in 1996, and in her 27th year of her career, she’s evolved a lot as an “actress,” but this is her first meeting with her fans in person. This fan meeting is anticipated to hold a special significance for her because she is enjoying her best days and has been earning positive reviews for her performances as “Woo Young-woo.”

Park Eun-bin previously expressed determination to hola a fan meeting after finishing the 2016 drama “Age of Youth,” saying, “I’ve never hold a fan event. I wish to speak with my followers in person “. Seven years later, this request was granted.

The agency, Namoo Actors, stated, “For the first time since her debut, Park Eun-bin hosts a solo fan event and interacts with fans. She is working hard to arrange and organise numerous corners for admirers who have been waiting for a long time to meet, despite her busy schedule.

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In contrast, Park Eun-bin, who has wrapped up filming the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” which has propelled her to syndrome-level fame, is preparing to travel to Bali, Indonesia, for a summer vacation with director Yoo In-sik and actor Ha Yoon-kyung. She will thereafter be required to diligently process the planning for her fan meetup as well as “hard labour” like interviews, ads, and reviews of the upcoming project in accordance with the drama’s conclusion date.

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