Pandora Beneath The Paradise Episode 2 Recap & Summary

In Pandora Beneath the Paradise Ep 2, Hong Tae-ra discovers her lost memories and realizes that she was previously known as Oh-young. She strives to protect her family, including her husband Pyo Jae-hyeon and daughter, from the Hanul Psychiatric Hospital and other unknown threats.

In a mysterious location called Hongtae, she is attacked but manages to defend herself using her abilities called Hongtae. Meanwhile, investigators Gyu-tae Jo and Seon-deok Kim begin questioning her true identity, leading her to uncover the truth about herself. Eventually, Hong Tae-ra escapes from the hospital and seeks the help of her sister, Hong Yu-ra, to confirm her identity and discovers that she was actually Oh-young.

Hong Yoo-ra admits to Hong Tae-ra that she had been paid to help Oh-young, who had an accident, was her younger brother. She thought that once Hong Tae-ra regained her memories, she would no longer have to pretend to be her younger brother. However, she is ordered to maintain the facade, even after Hong Tae-ra remembers her true identity.

After discovering her true identity, Hong Tae-ra tries to protect her family from danger. She plans to leave with her husband and daughter, but her nephew is taken by Hong Yoo-ra. Jo Gyu-tae arrives to take Hong Tae-ra away, but she narrowly escapes with the help of Go Hae-soo.

Go Hae-soo and Park Jun-ho investigate Oh-young’s past and learn that she was living in Hanul Psychiatric Hospital. They meet with a nurse who confirms Oh-young’s existence and arranges to meet again. However, the nurse is later kidnapped. Meanwhile, Hong Tae-ra is left confused by the revelation that her entire life has been fabricated, and she is actually Oh-young, who killed Hae-soo’s father. Strange events continue to occur at the Hanul Psychiatric Hospital.

In an attempt to explain the situation to her husband Pyo Jae-hyeon, Hong Tae-ra was faced with obstacles as he was preoccupied with work. She was determined to share her story with him, but was interrupted by the arrival of Kim Seon-deok, the director of Hanul Psychiatric Hospital, at his company.

At the end of Pandora Ep 2, despite the interruption, Hong Tae-ra managed to confront Jo Gyu-tae and eventually made her way to Pyo Jae-hyeon’s press conference, where she saw Director Kim Seon-deok holding her daughter Pyo Ji-woo. This caused her to once again remember her past that she had a younger brother and left her feeling confused.

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