Our Blues Episode 9 Recap: Shin Min A & Lee Byung Hun

In Our Blues Ep 9, Lee Byung-hun and Shin Min-ah cleared up misunderstandings and tore down heart boundaries.

The narrative of Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) and Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah) was drawn in episode 9 of Our Blues drama.

Dong-seok and Seon-ah’s childhood stories predominated 9th episode. Because he was the ‘kid of the concubine,’ it was an everyday occurrence for Dong-seok. Seon-ah treated Dong-seok without hesitation, despite his isolation from his peers.

Min Seon-ah’s clothes and luggage were carefully placed as Lee Dong-seok entered her room. Lee Dong-seok dialled Min Seon-ah’s number, but she did not respond, so he hastily got into his vehicle and drove away to find her

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As a kid, Lee Dong-seok adored Min Seon-ah. He and his friend went to the arcade together and rode motorcycles together. She even went to Lee Dong-seok and requested him to put her to sleep on days when the adults at home were fighting.

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Dong-seok, on the other hand, was shocked when he saw Seon-ah sleeping with his friend. Seon-ah contacted the police and claimed that “thugs are killing people,” after Dong-seok pursued his friend with ruthless violence. When Dong-seok saw this, he was astounded as well.

This is where their childhood story ended. They reunited in Seoul seven years ago.

Dong-seok and Seon-ah now have the opportunity to open their hearts. Dong-seok learned that Seon-ah had not returned for three days from the proprietor of the motel where she was staying. Dong-seok went in pursuit of Seon-ah, fearful of having another terrible thought. Seon-ah was standing in front of the house where she used to reside with her father.

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Seon-ah discovered Dong-seok, but she remembered her past and turned the car around. “Come back, I’ll tell you why I did that before,” Seon-ah replied shortly after. Dong-seok returned his gaze to Seon-ah. “Why did you do it before?” Dong-seok inquired.

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“I didn’t sleep with my oppa’s friend,” Seon-ah explained. “I needed someone to break me, and I knew that if I did, my father would wake up and live a harsh life.” “I knew my oppa loved me,” she added quietly, “but I can’t ask the person who loves me like that.” “I also liked you back then,” Seon-ah remarked.

Dong-seok questioned Seon-ah about her divorce and why she fled after he kissed her seven years ago.

Dong-seok rebuked Seon-ah’s ex-husband after the misunderstanding was resolved. Seon-ah then fantasised about remodelling her old house and living with her child. Seon-a told Dong Seo, “A custody hearing is scheduled for next week. If I win, I’ll bring my child here.” Dong-seok became concerned once more, knowing that if she lost the trial, Seon-ah would suffer.

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