Our Blues Episode 8 Recap & Summary

In Our Blues Ep 8, When their son Jeong-hyeon and daughter Yeong-gyeong announced that they were pregnant, Jeong In-kwon and Bang Ho-sik fought. Everyone in the market found out that Yeongju was pregnant with Jeong-hyeon’s child because Jeong In-kwon and Bang Ho-sik shouted their voices, blaming each other’s son and daughter.

Bang Ho-sik gave her daughter Yeong-joo two bankbooks containing his whole fortune and forcing her to have surgery.

“My father will ultimately come to pick me up,” Joo said Jeong-hyun when he came to visit her at motel, where Min Seon-ah was staying. It’s obvious that you have the ability to irritate Dad. go. He said, “I’m going to study,” as she prepared to stay in the motel until the finish. Bang Ho-shik did not go to pick up her daughter after receiving a call from the motel owner

Our Blues Episode 8 Recap

The next day, Yeong-joo left early due to a cold, and Jeong-hyeon skipped school and worked part-time at a tangerine farm, but the village elders mocked him, asking, “Did you really sleep with Young-ju?” Only Kang Ok-dong soothed Jeong-hyeon by holding his hand tightly. When Min-Seon out that Yeong-joo was pregnant, she picked up the bag that Yeong-soo had dropped by coincidence and remarked, “Congratulations” by touching her belly.

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When Jung In-kwon discovered Yeong-ju was staying in a motel, he attempted to drag her to the hospital by her wrist. When Jeong-hyeon witnessed this, he became enraged and stormed into her father, asking, “Are you going insane?” “All my life, I’ve been sold on my father,” he exclaimed. Bo-ho-shik arrived to see her daughter Yeong-joo, but when she saw it, she punched Jung In-kwon, causing him to collapse once more.

Jung In-kwon and Bang Ho-sik were imprisoned in a police station, and when his wife fled from gambling in the past, Jung In-kwon cursed himself, calling himself a “dog beggar playing with his daughter in front of him.” “How about being hit by her son?” Bang Ho-sik suggested. Would you like to die? He explained why he had a grudge against Jung In-kwon by saying, “At that time, my heart is that heart.”

Bang Ho-sik escorted Jung In-kwon to the hospital after he tumbled down the stairs while pondering Bang Ho-sik’s statements. Acute diabetes was discovered in Jung In-kwon. Bang Ho-shik went to her daughter’s school and was encouraged by her homeroom teacher to accept her daughter because the school had agreed to accept her. “Everything in life does not go your way,” Bang Ho-sik said. “That’s life,” she added.

“Even if I die, I won’t admit I did anything wrong,” Joo stated. I’m not even sure if my baby will die as a result of a mistake. But please accept my heartfelt apologies. causing daddy to be lonely I’m sorry for making you feel lonely, Dad. I’m everything in this world. But, Dad, I’m lonely as well. I’m there with Hyun and a baby, but I’m very lonely since I don’t have a father.”

When Jeong Hyeon learned that his father, Jeong In-kwon, was diabetic, he returned home, and Jeong In-kwon said, “I looked up to the heavens and did nothing wrong with you.” You were more than anyone else in the world my pride. Is this parent, nevertheless, a disgrace?” He screamed angrily. “You did the wrong thing, Dad,” Jeong-hyeon wept out as he held her father, Jeong In-kwon.

Maenwhile, Park Jeong-joon was perplexed as he remembered the villagers’ stories about Lee Young-ok. Everyone questioned her background or made disparaging remarks about her Lee Young-ok. “Can I love a person who lies?” Park Jung-jun, who was immersed in thoughts, wrote on a bus glass. There isn’t one. So, what am I supposed to do now?”

Lee Young-ok received a call at that very moment. “I miss you,” Lee Young-ok remarked. Do you have any objections to seeing the captain?” “I miss you,” Park Jung-jun replied. “Would we go on a trip together?” Young-ok Lee then suggested.

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