Our Blues Episode 6 Recap: Shin Min Ah Returned To Jeju

After her divorce, Shin Min-ah came to Jeju to avoid losing her son, and she fell into the sea, as seen in “Our Blues Kdrama Episode 6″.

In Our Blues Ep 6, Yeong-joo (Noh Yoon-seo) and Jeong-hyeon (Bae Hyun-seong), an 18-year-old couple, become embroiled in a feud after hearing the heartbeat of a six-month-old foetus at the obstetrics and gynaecology department. Jeong-hyeon wished for her to have a kid, but Yeong-joo was against it. When the fire extinguisher on the bus where the two were riding together exploded, Yeong Ju shouted, “I’m pregnant,” and requested that the bus be stopped.

“I am the child’s father,” Hyeon explained. Other passengers were surprised to witness Yeong-ju coming off the bus and vomiting, with Jeong-hyeon patting her on the back, and other students yelled, “Please stop it!” In the rain, Yeong-ju and Jeong-hyeon kissed one other and decided to give birth to their child. “Can’t,” Jung Eun-hee thought to herself, suspicious of the pregnancy she had previously witnessed Yeong-ju at the gynaecology clinic.

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Meanwhile, on the way to see her son Ha-won, Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah) became disoriented and had a car accident. Her investigator arrived at Min Seon-ah’s house shortly after and examined her. Min Seon-ah divorced her husband six months ago, and when she was in a car accident two months ago, she began her custody battle. Min Seon Ah’s husband gave up custody to her because he believed it was best for her mother to raise her child, but after Min Seon was involved in a car accident, he began a custody battle.

Min Seon-ah knew her son better than her husband, but she was out of work for seven years owing to sadness and a lack of family to care for her child. Min Seon Ah, her husband, and her parents, who were caring for her son while she worked on a solid career, were all in good health. Min Seon was sobbing and heading towards her hometown of Jeju Island, knowing she was in a far worse situation than her spouse. On Jeju Island, Min-seon was reunited with Lee Dong-seok.

When Min Seon-ah’s car came to a halt, Lee Dong-seok climbed into his truck and offered assistance, but he was irritated she pretended not to know and said, “Help me.” She depicted the past of the two of them with him. They’ve been friends since elementary school, and they reconnected in Seoul as adults.

As a truck driver, Lee Dong-seok reconnected with Min-seon-ah and grew close to her, but when he learned that Min-Seon had split up with her boyfriend, he travelled to the sea and kissed him, confessing his heart. Min Seon, on the other hand, got out of Lee Dong-seok’s car as soon as she realised his feelings for her.

She went to the bar where Lee Young-ok and Park Jeong-jun worked when she returned to Jeju, where she ran into Lee Dong-seok again, and when Lee Dong-seok tried to leave, she left herself. “Do anything you want,” he urged when Lee Young-ok was covertly bullied because she despised her other haenyeo. “Am I leaving here?” he wondered aloud.

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Our Blues Kdrama Episode 6 Recap

My mom is unwell, so you can’t play with me, “her kid stated in a video. Min Seon-ah was standing on the breakwater when she fell into the sea. They had Park Jeong-jun build up a boat when her haenyeo saw it. Haenyeo leapt into the water to save Min Seon-ah, and Lee Dong-seok realised someone had drowned when he heard a siren from afar, but he didn’t realise it was Min Seon-ah.

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