Our Blues Episode 3 & 4 Recap With Photos

Our Blues Ep 3 starts with Choi Han-soo and Jung Eun-hee recalling a great journey to Mokpo, a school excursion location during their school days. Eun-hee, her fishmonger after dropping out of high school, ran into an old friend and told her about a childhood fantasy she had completely forgotten about. She was born into a poor family as the eldest son and daughter, Jeong Eun-hee, who wanted to be a singer, and Choi Han-su, who wanted to be a basketball player but had no choice but to give up their goal. The two exchanged smiles as they explained that they now enjoy cotton candy, which they had to share in the past since they didn’t have enough money.

Choi Han-soo couldn’t help but smile in the midst of it all. Because he couldn’t ask his younger brothers and friends for money and they claimed that he despised them, he couldn’t approach Eun-hee for money. Choi Han-soo was further broken when his daughter informed him that she was no longer happy to play golf here. While Choi Han-soo suffered alone, Eun-hee Jung discovered that Choi Han-soo had lied to her friends on Jeju Island to borrow money.

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Our Blues Ep 3

The viewers’ hearts were broken by the talk between the two friends, which was a mixture of sadness, sorrow, and misery. Everything was not a lie, according to Choi Han-soo, who hoped that only the sincerity of cherishing his memories would reach Jung Eun-hee. He went on to say, “To you, who has nothing intriguing to do with the rest of the world. To you, who works every day and is hesitant to leave your younger siblings behind. I didn’t want to talk about money since it would spoil the few nice memories I had of my childhood.”

Even though Jung Eun-hee was hurt and upset, she hugged her troublesome friend Choi Han-soo. She remarked, “A merchant may go out of business at any time. It’s not like I’ve never done bad business before, so don’t worry about it and accept it “Choi Han-soo received money from her. Choi Han-soo was thankful for such a friend, Jung Eun-hee. “I don’t want to do that this time to you, who has always been in the bottom line in life,” he remarked truly as he returned the money.

“It’s not good right now,” Choi Han-soo replied, “but maybe I’ll be happy again soon?” “I hoped to retire and went on a family vacation,” he stated. Choi Han-soo’s courage in letting go of the weight on his shoulders was inspiring. He had family and friends at his side, and just thinking about it gave him strength. Jung Eun-hee returned to her regular routine, leaving her first love behind in her memories.

She promised to see him on Jeju Island, and the two friends’ goodbyes, “Eun-hee’s forever buddy Han-soo” and “My eternal first love Choi Han-soo, goodbye,” left a lasting effect.

Following the widely anticipated “Hansu and Eunhee” episode, Han Ji-min and Kim Woo-bin’s romance, “Young-ok and Jeong-jun,” a romance between a haenyeo and a captain, “offered a refreshing sensibility in the fourth episode.

Our Blues Episode 4 Recap

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In Our Blues Ep 4, Min Seon-ah displayed depressive symptoms. Her husband opened a closet, full of piled-up laundry and junk, and he replied, ‘How long is she going to live like this?’ He also stated that depression may be treated. “I got it, too,” she snarled.

While going to the bathroom, Min Seon-ah ran into her husband, who had returned from work. Her husband had already left work, so he inquired as to why she had not brought the child. When Min Seon Ah emerged from her house and peered out her window, she noticed that the time had changed from morning to dusk. Min Seon-Ah’s memories has faded from morning to nightfall.

Our Blues Ep 4 Recap

Meanwhile, Lee Young-ok and Park Jeong-Jun’s story was being drawn. Lee Young-ok was pushed to go to motel by a man she met at the club. Witnessing the scene, Park Jeong-jun felt compelled to assist Lee Young-ok. Park Jeong-joon was told by Lee Young-ok, “Don’t like me. Then I get hurt.”

“Tell me why you appeared in front of my house at midnight,” Lee Young-ok asked Park Jeong-jun. Park Jung-jun responded by saying, “I went because I was worried,” Lee Young-ok explained to Park Jung-joon, who was concerned about him, and asked, “Why are you concerned about me?” Do you like me?”

Lee Young-ok compared Park Jung-jun to Park Jung-joon, her ex when she became silent. “How many men have your older sisters met during that time?” Park Jung-jun said once the night walk was finished. Is it possible for me to love the older sister I’ve met with this and that man?

Due to the mystery surrounding Lee Young-ok’s origins, stories began to circulate that she ‘had a west on land’ and ‘has a hidden child.’ Other haenyeo accused Lee Young-ok of making them wait for her boat because of her own greed when she did not arrive alone even after her material class was done. Even her close colleagues advised her to leave her position as a haenyeo, claiming that “her sister doesn’t fit a haenyeo.”

Young-ok was invited to Park Jung-Jun’s bus. Jung-jun enquired, “What makes you say you’ve met this guy and that guy? Does this imply that she does not regard me as a man?” According to Young-ok, “No, it’s not true. I believe you enjoy my company. If you think you won’t be able to manage it, you should give up.” Park Jung-Joon confessed to Lee Young Ok, “I’m on the ‘Can Love’ side of the debate. We’ve started dating.” “You’re going to get harmed,” he warned Lee Young-ok, but Park Jeong-joon was unconcerned, asking, “Why are you going to hurt me?”

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