Our Blues Episode 2 Recap & Summary With Photos

In Our Blues Ep 2, Seon-ah and Dong-Seok’s 7-year-old events were drawn. Seon-ah and Dong-seok took a late-night journey to the seashore. Seon-ah was so excited that she shouted her name, and she was overjoyed to be “cool.” Dong-seok was ecstatic by Seon-Ah’s reaction and rushed around the beach, causing a sandstorm in the process. Seon-ah and Dong-seok were leaning on the car as the sun rose. “It’s extremely good,” Dong-seok said, praising Seon-ah. Dong-seok approached Seon-ah and kissed her in surprise after hearing this quietly. Seon-Ah then moved closer to the passenger seat, and dialled a number.

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Our Blues Episode 2

“Where are you calling?” Dong-seok inquired, and Seon-ah said, “Seoul shop, call me a car.” “Do you despise me?” Dong-seok inquired. Seon-ah remained silent. Dong-seok took Soenah’s phone, and Seon-ah asked Dong-seok to hand it up to him without saying anything. “Give me your phone and come in my car,” Dong-seok stated. He got on the rear seat and drew a line after Seon-ah stated she knew. She didn’t sit in the passenger seat as she did when she first arrived. “If that’s the case, then why did you follow me?” Dong-seok said after hearing Seon-ah’s refusal to sit in the front.

“Because I saw the sea,” Seon-ah said, and Dong-seok, enraged, retorted, “Do men and ladies come all the way from Seoul to see the genuine sea at night?” Don’t do it, Oppa. “Are your parents the same as mine?” I’m a guy, and you’re a lady. You didn’t dislike me, therefore you didn’t meet every day, go to clubs, and pursue after me all the way to the sea.” “I?” Seon-ah inquired. Do you think I like you? Because I’m fond of you?” Dong-seok pulled over and inquired, “Why?”

The merchant was then escorted to a distant area in Jeju by Dong-seok. However, fewer items were sold than usual, and a neighbourhood resident told Dong-seok, who was perplexed, “There was another vendor of all things.” Dong-seok then added, “When you phone and ask to buy something, it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is. Do you go to a different store and purchase it there?” “Did you just look at it?” he said before leaving town. “I’ve severed relations with my mother-in-law,” Dong-seok explained, “but wouldn’t it be tough for my grandmothers?” “I’m not coming back to this town,” he said.

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Our Blues Ep 2, Image: Naver TV

When Jeong Eun-hui came to visit, Choi Han-daughter soo’s and wife called to say, “I’m giving up golf,” and Choi Han-soo hung up the phone and said, “Let’s discuss later.” “Won’t your daughter’s wife come in if your daughter is an adult?” Jung Eun-hui asked Choi Han-soo. “We are separated,” Choi Han-soo stated. Choi Han-soo also replied, “Yes,” when Jung Eun-hee inquired, “Are you planning to get a divorce?”

Following that, the Jung Eun-hui and Choi Han-soo episodes were drawn. Eun-hui repeatedly called and raged at her brash little brother, who claimed he would buy a house with his own money, while Han-soo contacted his sister, requesting a loan of 200 million won. Hansoo’s younger brother bemoaned, advising him to ask her wife and daughter to move to the United States instead of borrowing money here and there. Hansoo attended the class reunion while concealing his true situation. “Let’s see the virtue of the branch manager I saw after 20 years,” the alumni said, taking the card and calculating the price of 1.8 million won worth of alcohol.

Because of the alcohol, Hansoo was vomiting in the restroom. Eun-hui set out to find Hansoo after receiving a note from a classmate that read, “You don’t know a man’s heart.” Hansoo stared at Eunhui and murmured, “You are cute,” before accompanying her to the auction house after buying Hansoo a hangover cure and relating the story of her first love. As the sun rose, Hansoo, who had fallen into the water as a child, asked Eunhui to join him on a journey to Mokpo. “If we go alone, we go,” Eun-hui replied.

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Our Blues Ep 2 Recap, tvN

Kim Myung-bo gave Choi Han-soo a suspicious look and inquired with his acquaintances about Choi Han-soo’s financial position. After some hesitation, Jung Eun-hui accepted the travel offer, and she and Choi Han-soo boarded the ferry to Mokpo, saying, “I would have been terribly unhappy and depressed if you showed up messed up.” My youth seems to have damaged my memory. She expressed her gratitude by saying, “Thank you for growing up so well and safeguarding my wonderful memories and youth.”

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