Our Blues Episode 15 Recap & Summary

In Our Blues Ep 15, Lee Young Ok Park disclosed to Park Jung Jun that she had a Down syndrome twin sister and sought guidance from Lee Dong-seok on how to persuade Jung Jun’s family.

“What would you do if your relationship with your family ended? The decision has been made; do whatever you like. Simply follow in my footsteps, Jung Jin explained “My parents did nothing to help me. So, what should I do now?” “If my parents say anything, I have to curse them,” Park Jung-joon replied, hardening his heart.

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Our Blues Ep 15, tvN

Lee Young-hee voiced her unhappiness by addressing Park Jung-jun as Young-Ok’s ex boyfriend Seong-joon, but Park Jung-joon laughed it off and remarked, “You will eventually like me more.” Young-hee, Young-ok, and Jeong-jun had a great time drinking and singing with their friends.

Park Jeong-joon was admonished by Young-ok, Don’t do me any favours, she said. He is well-versed in the majority, if not all, of the important details. She’s seven years old, so she doesn’t understand numbers and lacks social skills, but that doesn’t imply she’s clueless. “, Young Ok explained.

“I’m well aware of the hardships that come with being disabled. So, don’t even bother looking at me that way. You’ll be responsible for it if you know you’re loved and don’t want to fall.

“I have told you that I can’t work for about a week,” Park Jung-joon remarked. “Let’s see how long she can take,” Lee Young-ok responded.

Lee Young-hee attempted to draw herself by taking a picture with her phone, but she was drunk and was shaking. When Lee Young-ok stopped her, she said, “You don’t believe me,” and to Lee Young-hee, who was furious and shattered the phone on the floor.

She went on to talk about her background, stating, “I was dumped on the train by you. Bitch, why did you dump me?” Young-ok Lee struggled to keep her emotions in check, and she admitted, “Expect to be unable to sketch anything resembling a picture. It’s only medicine “and walked away.

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Our Blues Episode 15

Lee Young-hee received a new phone from Park Jung-jun. Park Jung-jun and Lee Young-hee shared a beer and grew closer as a result. “Is Young-ok good because she is pretty?” Lee Young-hee asked. “It’s not like that,” Park Jung-joon responded, “your sister is nice.”

Lee Young-hee used her new cell phone to photograph the residents of Pureung village. Park Jeong-jun, Lee Young-hee, and Lee Young-ok all went out to dine. However, a child observed Lee Young-hee at the restaurant and teased her as a “idiot,” prompting Lee Young-ok to raise her voice, enraged at the child’s parents’ attitude toward her disabled sister.

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Our Blues Ep 15, tvN

Lee Young-hee travelled for Seoul the next day, as planned. After letting her sister go, Lee Young-ok arrived at Park Jeong-jun’s bus, grieving over her sister’s paintings. Lee Young-hee has been sketching every year since she was a child, and she has kept track of them all.

She introduced herself as Lee Young-ok and asked her sister how she learned to draw. Lee Young-hee replied, “Every time I miss you, whenever I’m lonely, I draw, so I am good at drawing,” and she added. She responded by saying, “I was speechless at the time.

Lee Young Ok grieved saying, How lonely she must be.

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