Our Blues Episode 14 Recap: The Mysterious Person Han Ji Min Was Hiding Revealed

In Our Blues Ep 14, Lee Young-ok’s (Han Ji-min) ‘mysterious person’ whom she was hiding was later revealed to be her Down syndrome twin sister.

In Our Blues Ep 14, the story of a haenyeo, a captain couple Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min), Park Jeong-jun (Kim Woo-bin), and a ‘questionable individual’ who makes a phone call to Lee Young-ok was revealed.

Lee Young-ok and Park Jeong-joon resumed their romance and revealed their sweet side. Meanwhile, Lee Young-Ok’s teacher Jang informed her that ‘Young-hee is flying to Jeju tomorrow at 2pm.’ She got a text about three o’clock saying, ‘I’ll meet you,’ and her face darkened. Young-ok called Mr. Jang at the same moment and stated, “What exactly do you mean by Young-hee calling? Are you suggesting that you come here recklessly? I’m unable to go out and care for the materials.”

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Teacher Jang said, “Young-hee is not the problem. The entire facility here is undergoing remodeling, so all the friends here have to go home for a week.” Park Jung-jun sent a video to Lee Young-ok via messenger.

In the video, Park Jung-joon mentioned the 20-pyeong villa and said, “I might even go to marriage. I met you on the premise of marriage and I am serious. My parents said that I was meeting someone, so I said let’s see. Let’s go once in a while,” he said.

Lee Young-ok then sent Park Jeong-joon a text message that read, “I never said we should take ourselves too seriously. Let’s assume we’ve never met and be a captains and haenyeo like before. By the way, I despise being soaked.””I know you don’t like being sloppy,” Park Jung-jun said as he followed Lee Young-ok, “but I can’t stand still.”

“My sister who lives on land has come, will she say hello?” Lee Young-ok asked Park Jung-joon as she presented her twin sister. She said, “You must be astonished, right? Young-hee, her twin sister, and I. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder “she said. When Park Jeong-joon appeared embarrassed, Lee Young-ok said, “If you don’t know what Down syndrome is, look it up on the Internet. Go.”

“My name is Park Jeong-jun,” Park Jeong-jun said to Young-hee. Yeong-ok, her younger brother, is dating her older sister. Please look after me.” “If I’m too embarrassed to purchase a house, get married, or things like that, I won’t say it again,” Park Jung-joon said to Lee Young-ok. You are not obligated to meet my parents if you do not want to. Breaking up isn’t enough.

Lee Young-ok began to cry at this point. “Does it sound like you want to keep meeting with me after seeing Young-hee?” she asked Young-ok Lee. According to Park Jung-joon, “I was astonished to meet your older sister, but as time goes on, we’ve grown to like each other. That was not the reason for our breakup.”

“There are many things I’m not sure about,” Lee Young-ok stated. What do you think? When we were 12 years old, my parents died. To put it another way, I have to help Young-hee till I die.” She went on to say sarcastically about her ex and her lovers, “It was all like you, but in the end you became bored of me and Younghee.” “Go whenever they tell you to.”

“Didn’t I say I wasn’t going?” Park Jung-joon asked. I’m not like the others. I refuse to let you go, he added. There will come a time when I will deeply regret what I have done to myself. “Look attentively, how much I love you” Park Jung-jun also added.

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