Our Blues Episode 13 Recap

In Our Blues Ep 13, Jung Eun-hee looked after her drunken friend Ko Mi-ran. Eun-hee treats her Go Mi-ran like her parents or boss, according to Lee Young-ok, who is enraged, adding, “She’s like a genuine monster.”

“Let’s do our best without showing that we were upset by Go Mi-ran,” Jung Eun-hee wrote in her diary that night. As a result, she repays Mi Ran. “Let us not be selfish, dual personality humans like Go Mi Ran,” she wrote.

The next day, Eun-Hee went to work after setting up her breakfast table for Go Mi-Ran, and Mi-Ran Goo was so pleased with Eun-Hee Jung’s breakfast that she did her laundry in her place. Mi-ran then came across Eun-hee Jung’s diary and began slowly reading it.

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Our Blues Episode 13 Recap

Go Mi-Ran discreetly looked through Eun-Hee Jung’s diary and smiled at her school days. However, Go Mi Ran was taken aback when she discovered her Eun Hee’s genuineness after reading her recent diary.

“Is there anything I don’t like?” Go Mi-ran asked Eun-hee Jung after applying her makeup. But she kept it a secret from Eun-hee Jung. To Eun-hee, Go Mi-ran confessed, “”Have I really never hurt you?” she asked, “I sometimes hurt you, but I like you.” I’ll apologise for anything if you tell me.”

At the drinking party that followed, Kim Myung-bo’s wife In-jeong doubted the relationship between her husband and Mi-ran, and Mi-ran said, “I don’t get it even if I give it for free.” In-jeong was more jealous of l Go Mi-ran at those words, and she wentssips about Mi-ran to Eun-hee. Go Mi-ran got out of drinking party and saw Kim Myung-bo drinking alone, and Kim Myung-bo was thinking of divorce with her wife.

Mi Ran clutched Kim Myung-bo with sadness after seeing him. Eun-hee, who was late, beat her Gomi-ran to stop Kim Myung-bo from being head-butted by her wife In-jeong. Mi-ran Ko smacks Eun-hee and walks away at this point. Eun-hee, surprised, accepted her acceptance, and Go Mi-ran boarded Bang Ho-sik’s car.

Bangho-sik claimed that he had disliked Go Mi-ran for a long time, and that when Eun-hee was in high school, Go-mi-ran packed lunch for him, but she tossed it out due to Eun-hee’s complaint over sausage side dishes.

Jung Eun-hee also received information from Indigo that she was wooing Go Mi-ran by stroking her Kim Myung-bo’s face. “Why does she do this by hugging and touching other people’s men?” Eun-hee chastised Go Mi-ran when she got home.

Although Go Mi-ran reported domestic violence to Kim Myung-bo, she did not believe Eun-hee. Eun-hee was humiliated and threw her diary away when Go Mi-ran confessed that she had seen it. “If I am a dual personality, you are a multi-personality,” Go Mi-ran replied. I don’t like it, but I put on a brave face. Because you believe that the most essential thing in the world is loyalty. “You’ll want to hear some amazing human voices all the way through,” she remarked.

At the end of Our Blues Ep 13, Mi-ran said, “Just leave me alone. can’t you throw it away? Is it Jeong Eun-hee, a corpse except for loyalty? Then I’ll throw it away. The men who had children and the men who lived in the same bed were thrown away two or three times. about you Our friendship, which is meaningless and long, infinitely light, like your diary, let’s throw it in the trash.” 

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