Our Blues Episode 12 Recap & Summary

In Our Blues Ep 12, Jung Eun-hui and Ko Mi-ran, two friends, were drawn.

On a journey with Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min), Park Jeong-joon (Kim Woo-bin) answered Lee Young- ok’s phone call instead. The other side, on the other hand, said nothing to Park Jung-jun and only when Lee Young-ok answered the phone. Lee Young-ok denied that he was a man or a child when Park Jung-jun questioned who he was. “Otherwise, I’ll take it all,” Park Jeong-joon remarked, delighted by Lee Young-ok’s response. He answered, “Because you are my woman,” without elaborating.

Then, while working in the water, Lee Young-ok got caught in the net, and Hyeon Chun-hee cut the net and narrowly survived. This time, Hyeon Chun-hui and her fellow haenyeo pressed Lee Young-ok to give up her substance, and Lee Young-ok knelt on her knees and apologised profusely. “How does she believe a liar?” Hyeon Chun-hee said. Lee Young-ok explained that she had never told a lie.

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Our Blues Episode 12

Uhm Jung-hwa (Ko Mi-ran) is a gorgeous dolsing who has been divorced three times. She also organised a massage parlour to travel the world with her first husband’s daughter in the United States. “Go Mi-ran is a princess, and Jung Eun-hui is Mussoo-ri,” Jeong In-kwon compared Ko Mi-ran and Jung Eun-hee when she returned to her hometown after three years.

Go Mi-ran claimed she tried to explain to Eun-hui why she hadn’t gone on the vacation with her daughter, but she kept getting calls from Eun-hui and couldn’t figure out why. Jung Eun-hui was ill-willed towards Go Mi-ran because she only believed that work was the reason why Go Mi-ran was unable to accompany her daughter on her trip, and she told herself that she was “selfish.”

Mi-ran didn’t realise who she was until she met Kang Ok-dong and Hyeon Chun-hui. Goh disclosed the reasons why her daughter, Mi-ran, was prevented from going around the world by her stepmother, who served as her advisor. Jung Eun-hui and Lee Young-ok were cooking supper for Ko Mi-ran at the same time, but she made sashimi and fried rice, while Ko Mi-ran ate with Kang Ok-dong and Hyeon Chun-hee.

Our Blues Episode 12 Recap

Eun-hui is disappointed in Mi-ran Goh, and she reflects on her long friendship with Mi-ran. Eun-hui Jung had many memorable moments in school thanks to her wealthy friend Mi-ran Ko, and her assistance to Mi-ran led her to high school. The pivotal point in their relationship occurred when Mi-ran after her third divorce, summoned Jeong Eun-Hee from Jeju Island for a drink with her friends.

Jung Eun-hee fled away in tears, knowing that Go Mi-ran was contemplating the third divorce, but Ko Mi-ran was overjoyed with the best triumph and exclaimed, “Se is the happiest Jung Eun-hui in my life.” Eun-hui stated, “That’s when she realised.” “She is not Mi ran’s friend,” she informed Go Mi-ran, “but she’s an all-rounder who comes and goes, a double personality pretending to be her friend.”

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