Our Blues Episode 11 Recap: Kim Woo Bin Receives Anonymous Call Which Was For Han Ji Min

In Our Blues Ep 11, watching Min Seon-ah’s (Shin Min-ah) son’s custody battle, Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) pondered if his mother Kang Ok-dong had ever been so fond of him.

Min-ah’s acquaintances admitted that she initially suspected that she was lying when she said she loved her dead father, but afterwards blamed herself for not questioning why she was having such a difficult time.

Min Seon, knowing Lee Dong Seok, recommended him to ask his mother Kang Ok Dong personally. Min Seon-ah then announced that she would no longer be moving to Jeju Island to be closer to her son, and that she would instead live and work in her old home. Lee Dong-seok pledged to reconcile with Min Seon-ah at any point by urging her to call him.

Jung-hyeon (Bae Hyun-seong) and Yeonjoo (Roh Yun-seo), the children of Jeong In-kwon and Bang Ho-sik, are at odds about whether their children Jung-hyeon and Yeongjoo should marry. Also asked Lee Dong-seok also about Min-seon-ah, who is building a house with him, and he said that Min-sun is divorced and has a 5 year old son.

“I still meet a woman,” Hyeon Chun-hee told Kang Ok-dong after hearing this. Dong-seok is also old. She is not opposed to divorce. It’s fine to have kids.” Kang Ok-dong bowed her head in agreement. Kang Ok-dong bought garments from his son Lee Dong-seok’s truck, which Lee Dong-seok tossed and remarked, “I’ve been buying clothes elsewhere.” He shouted, “Don’t touch me!”

“Your mother will die the day after tomorrow,” Hyeon Chun-hee warned Lee Dong-seok. “Don’t be sorry,” Lee Dong-seok replied, “since everyone dies.” “Where are you sick?” Jung Eun-hee inquired of Hyun Chun-hee and Kang Ok-dong, but Hyun Chun-hee replied, “It hurts when you get older.”

Lee Young-ok (Han Ji-min) was harassed by her haenyeo into stopping her drug on her own, and this time Hyeon Chun-hee joined in. Because of the calls she keeps getting, Park Jeong-joon (Kim Woo-bin) discovers that Lee Young-ok is lying to him and is subjected to speculations that she has a man or a child. Park Jung-jun, on the other hand, trusted Lee Young-ok and the two went on a trip to Gapado together. Their stomachs had ruptured while they were drinking.

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Lee Young-ok and Park Jung-jun agreed to “simply drink wine without doing anything” that night, and Lee Young-ok revealed to Park Jeong-joon that her parents were painters, but burned down all of their works as soon as she was born.

Another phone call came in as Lee Young-ok was in the bathroom. When her phone fell and the call button was touched, Park Jeong-jun paused before answering the call instead of Lee Young-ok.

“Hello?” said Park Jung-jun. Please excuse me, but Yeong-ok isn’t at my sister’s right now, but who are you?” Viewers’ were intrigued by the identity of the guy who phoned Lee Young-ok from time to time.

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