Our Blues Episode 10 Recap: Shin Min A Loses Her Son’s Custody

Min Seon-ah (Shin Min-ah), who lost her custody battle for her son, was drawn in Our Blues Ep 10. Lee Dong-Seok (Lee Byung-hun), who had accompanied Min Seon-ah to Seoul, remained by her side.

In Our Blues Episode 10, Dong-seok replies to Seon-ah, who is crying out loud, “You were unsuccessful in your trial. Is your life at an end? Consume “He takes her to the arcade and feeds her. “Oh dear, don’t ask how long you will be sad,” she said to Dong-seok as she continued to struggle. “Simply leave if you don’t want to see me.

As my mum did when I was a child. Tae-hoon, my ex-husband. Please leave me alone.” Dong-seok screams, “It’s unbearable!” “Yes, even if I am like you, I am not in the mood to live. My mother abandoned her daughter and moved. Because his business failed, my father committed suicide. My spouse divorced me, and I was depressed enough to lose my child.”

Seon-ah voiced her insecurity as she rebuilt her house where she would reside with her son if she wins her custody trial. “Does your child enjoy horses?” Dong-seok asks as he helps put the house back together. “I loved the yellow cup I bought the most,” Seon-ah added, “and I liked it because it had horses painted on it.” Seon-ah was unexpectedly led by Dong-seok to ride his horse.

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Seon-ah explained, “I want to create another house where I can live with Yeol now that I have the time. Finally, Dong-seok mounted his horse and declared, “Take a photograph. He will enjoy it if you show it to him.” “Why did you have such a plump personality?” Seon-ah wonders as she walks to the boat. “Because there is no afterwards,” Dong-seok responded.

Because her son’s birthday was the day before the trial, Seon-A arrived in Seoul and attempted to find a present for him. She went to kindergarten to meet him and bought him a horse doll. Her ex-husband was irritated and urged her to return by 9 p.m., but Seon-ah, who had no idea how time had passed, spent the time by having fun with her son. The ex-husband retaliates by taking his son and Seon-ah asks to sleep for only one night with her son. The ex-husband refused, and took Yeol ang hugged him, and Seon-ah pulled Yeol’s arm, causing him to cry because of his sore arm.

Finally, Yeol went to the hospital, and Seon-ah, who had followed him but couldn’t see him. Seon-ah went insane and grieved the next day after losing in court, while Dong-seok stayed by her side.

Dong-seok eventually yells at Seon-ah, who is still depressed despite the fact that she hasn’t eaten and has been taken to the arcade. Dong-seok exclaims, “I don’t want to live like you. My mother gave up her daughter to live with me, my father committed suicide since his business went bankrupt. My spouse divorced me, and I became depressed and lost my child.”

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Dong-seok then added, “Your son will grow up and become like you”. He wants to be destroyed for the rest of his life because he looks like you, or he wants to die when the opportunity arrives, or he will become unhappy while blaming you.” “What will my child learn from watching and have joy living if I die without losing?

He wants to die if he has the chance because he looks like you, and he will become depressed while blaming you for losing. Otherwise, he’ll end up living like me.” Dong-seok stated, “Seon-ah sat down and cried.” “I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be sad. Just don’t be as downcast as my mother. Eat, be cheerful, and live while being sad.”

Seon-ah eventually decided to seek depression counselling. Dong-seok was making a recording to sell items on the truck, and Seon-ah couldn’t stop laughing. Seon-a said at sunrise, “I truly want to be happy,” she added, and Dong-seok agreed. I truly want to be vulnerable.” They went hand in hand and came to a happy conclusion.

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  1. and the son refused to see her in the hospital. it wasn’t the doctor who forbade it. these seem like small things but they really change the context and meaning of the story you are recapping.

    • Thanks for letting us know about the mistakes. We will surely work on them to correct them. We really appreciate your efforts to read thoroughly. Please correct us in the future too. Thanks

  2. actually the ex husband didn’t kidnap the son… one could argue she was attempting to. he has legal custody.


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