Our Blues Episode 1 Recap & Summary With Photos

In Our Blues Ep 1, Jeong-jun awoke early in the morning, washed his teeth, and gazed out to sea. His long-standing habit of staring out the window towards the water exposes his captain’s responsibilities. Eun-hee got up at the same time and listened to the music before preparing rice balls and heading to the auction house. When Eun-hee saw Jeong-jun on the road, she honked her horn and said hello, handing Jeong-jun her rice ball.

Eun-hee who entered the auction house together, were both frightened “What do you think? Is it necessary for me to purchase ice?” According to Jeong-jun, “Although the fisheries are modest, we will lose all credibility if we do so. Let’s proceed with caution.” secured Eun-hee went to the fish market, while Jeong-jun went to the beach.

Yeong-Ok’s car was being awaited by the industrious merchant Haenyeo. “Samchuns, go on top (ride),” said Young-ok, who arrived late, and a merchant woman Dior yelled, “You’re always late (come early, why are you always late).” Yeong-ok apologised repeatedly before driving to the water.

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The Haenyeo was transported by Jeong-Jun’s boat. Jeong-jun drove the boat while looking out at the sea with a smile on his face. At this time, the merchant Haenyeo, who was angry with Young-ok, issued a severe warning to Young-ok, saying, “It’s a pain to be next to me at sea. She handed Hyeon Chun-hee a motion sickness pill after she stated that she would recognise Young-ok with her unique brightness.

Young-ok was consoled by Jo Jae-Hyeon’s daughter, Jo Hye-jeong, who returned to her seat. After Cho Jae-Hyun’s sexual assault issue, Jo Hye-jung finally unveiled her face to the world after a long period. “Don’t listen to Hye-ja,” Jo Hye-jeong, who portrays a female diver like Yeong-ok, soothed Young-ok. Sister, Sam-chun. She may perform vain things if she can’t find her spot because her maiden haenyeo has less breath than her gentry haenyeo.

“Hey Captain!” Young-ok yelled out as she bowed her head. Yeong-wook smirked at Jung-jun and tossed her head in the air before asking, ‘Have you eaten?’ Jung-jun shifted his gaze without responding. Jeong-jun looked over to see if the captain of another boat passing by was concerned, and questioned the vice-captain, “How do you believe I’m dating Yeong-Ok’s sister?”

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“I’m bored, so I’ll either play or quit,” the vice-captain stated. Is it possible that I won’t be able to tell just by looking at it? It isn’t Hyung’s personal style. It’s difficult.” Jeongyeon remained silent. “She’s like a fox chatting to any male,” the merchant Haenyeo said to Chun-hee, referring to her young-ok. Let’s get her out of here as soon as possible.

Young-ok was taken aback, yet pleased with himself as he continued the material on his own. Meanwhile, Hansoo, a bank branch manager, elected to go to Jeju Island rather than retire in order to support his daughter Boram, who is a golfer. “Boram just has golf in her life,” Hansoo stated, even at Mijin’s comments, “Let’s stop.”

Boram was suffering from the ‘Yips,’ but coach Steve promised hefty tuition, claiming, “She can repair her in one year,” which was more money than Hansoo could afford at the time. Hansoo, who chose to visit Jeju unwillingly, felt more pressure than exhilaration at the prospect of returning to his birthplace after 20 years. That’s right, at Hansoo’s house, he promised to study. Hansoo was a good student, so the two younger brothers just attended high school and immediately began working.

Hansoo was lonely without understanding, owing to his younger brothers’ animosity and his position as the eldest son, unable to care for his mother. Only Eunhee gives Hansoo such a warm welcome. Hansoo was having coffee and taking it easy before heading to work. He observed a noisy road after a car collision, and Eunhee was there. In this location, Jeong In-Kwon and Bang Ho-sik were involved in an automobile accident and fought with a tourist who attempted to dump Eun-hee.

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Our Blues Ep 1 Recap

Hansoo remarked with a smile, “It’s the same old story, kids. Even as you grow older, nothing has changed.” On the same road the next day, he ran across Eunhee. Han-soo was uneasy and asked, “I’ll call you, so get out of the car.” Eun-hee recognised Han-soo at a look and was glad to see him, while Han-soo was awkward and asked, “I’ll call you, so get out of the car.” Han-soo takes Eun-hee’s contact information printed on her truck and heads to the bank when Eun-hee asks whether he knows her number. There was no Hansoo on the street when Eun-hee returned from parking her car.

Hansoo was given the VIP list by Team Leader Kim after meeting the personnel. It was written with Eun-hee’s name on it, and team head Kim added, “In terms of money, the cost of daycare is 1.29 billion won. I would have erected enough houses, one in Seogwipo and one in Jeju Island if it hadn’t been taken by her younger brothers.” Hansoo is envious of Eunhee and wonders what her husband is up to.

Kim, the team’s leader, stated, “Who will be the one to take Eun-hee? Did you still admire you and refuse to leave? “, causing Hansoo to chuckle. After all, Hansoo was Eunhee’s, first love. Hansoo, who greeted customers with Team Manager Kim, was intrigued to the statement that “from here to there, all 5 stores belong to Eunhee, and here I get 15 million won every month.” Not only did Eunhee sell fish in the fish market, but she also made over 300 million won in annual sales.

Kim, the team’s leader, suggested, “Eun-hee just saves money and has no idea how to invest or spend it. Bake and boil to invest in things if you meet at a class reunion.” “What kind of potato or sweet potato is Eun-hee?” Hansoo asked. “What did I do without something like that?” Hansoo couldn’t help but wonder. “I reared you,” he consoled himself as he thought about his daughter Boram.

Following Team Leader Kim’s recommendation, Eunhee addressed Hansoo as “her first love” and requested a meeting at the class reunion. Hansoo smiled again as he cleaned his shoes. Eun-hee recalled her first love with Yeong-ok and Jeong-jun at the time. Eun-hee claimed she had a piglet and took the bus to school when she was in high school.

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Following that, Eun-hee, seeing Hansoo alone on a school trip to Mokpo, Can’t I open this once?” and touched Hansoo’s cigarette to draw attention, then said, “You don’t date an ugly girl like me?” “All right, let’s go,” Hansoo replied as he rose from his seat. Then Eunhee made an unexpected confession, kissing Hansoo and saying, “I’ll be yours, Or you can be mine” .

Following this, Mi-ran approached Hansoo, who was playing basketball, and remarked, “Are you really kissing? Basketball came to a halt at these remarks, and the children’s attention was drawn to them. Eun-hee, who arrived late after Mi-ran, took notice of the situation and sensed the disgrace she was about to endure. Hansoo approached her.

“Hey, you loved it too,” Han-soo said to Eun-hee, who couldn’t say anything. Eun-hee fainted, passing over ecstasy at Han-Soo’s remarks, despite the fact that she was sweating hard and expecting merely to be shamed. When Yeong-ok and Eun-hee heard this, they exclaimed and celebrated again and over, “You also liked it,” and Jeong-jun, who had come up next to them, looked at them and said, “Are you crazy?”

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