Our Blooming Youth Episode 8 Recap

In Our Blooming Youth Ep 8, which aired on the 28th, Lee Hwan (Park Hyeong-sik) found a connection between the events he and Min Jae-yi (Jeon So-ni) experienced.

In Our Blooming Youth Ep 8, Lee Hwan (played by Park Hyung-sik) discovered a link between the incidents he and Min Jae-yi (played by Jeon So-ni) had encountered.

During this scene, Min Jae-yi was caught cursing at Lee Hwan while talking to herself. Lee Hwan asked, “Am I really that bad?” to which Min Jae-yi replied, “Do you have any redeeming qualities? I was able to momentarily escape the days of hardship when I was with you.”

Min Jae-yi expressed her gratitude to the person who showed sincerity towards her and revealed their secret, acknowledging the difficulty of disclosing something they had kept hidden for so long. However, she also reminded them of the importance of faith, quoting Confucius who stated that a country needs rice, an army, and faith to exist.

Meanwhile, regarding Shim Yeong’s will, Min Jae-yi explained that the dead cannot speak, making it difficult to understand their intentions. The Crown king, Lee Hwan pursued the court martial and discovered that the last letter left by Gungmu, who committed serial murder, meant to destroy Iga, not the Song family.

Gungmu committed suicide using a snake, leaving letters carved with a knife on his arm. Lee Hwan asked Han Seong-on to investigate those who guarded the royal court, suspecting that those who sent him the letters of Ghosts and those who murdered Min Jae-yi’s family were part of the same gang.

Meanwhile, Min Jae-yi’s life was threatened while chasing an assassin, increasing the tension in the plot.

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