Our Blooming Youth Episode 7 Recap & Summary

In the 7th episode of tvN’s Monday & Tuesday drama, ‘Our Blooming Youth‘, which aired on the 27th, Lee Hwan (Park Hyeong-sik) kicked Min Jae-yi (Jeon So-ni) out of the East Palace.

In Our Blooming Youth Ep 7, Lee Hwan read the suicide note left by Shim Young (Kim Woo-seok) and became suspicious of Min Jae-yi. Lee Hwan said, ‘Are you saying that everything you said to me was a lie? On the day an arrow flew into Kang’s armed forces, he met Min Jae-yi. Is the person who shot the arrow really Jae-Min? Isn’t it strange that he recognized at a glance that Chungmoon was a trick? Are the people who sent the secret letter and Min Jae-yi the same gang? no. no. Everything doesn’t make sense,’ he said confusedly.

Lee Hwan said, ‘Even if the people who sent the secret letter and Min Jae-yi were from the same gang, there was no way they would kill her family. But I can’t leave her like this,’ he decided.

The suicide note reads, ‘My dear Jay. I’m sorry that we went to a distant place together and couldn’t become a couple. I’m sorry for betraying that trust. Nothing made me happy or hurt me as much as the love you gave me. I will pay you back in heaven for the love I couldn’t give you here. I adore you as much as you do,’ and Lee Hwan called Min Jae-yi and showed her the note.

Lee Hwan said, “There was not a single lie in the record. Your words were lies. All of them were lies. I will not believe a single word that came out of your mouth.” Afterwards, Lee Hwan thought of Min Jae-yi alone, and said, ‘I thought that the person I was waiting for was Min Jae-yi. He believed that she had come to me.

Minjae I believed in you. I needed someone to trust. Min Jae-yi, the killer of individuality. Min Jae-yi, who survived like a plantain despite being chased by a vicious criminal stained with blood, arrived at me. Because you are like that, I believed you. Because you were like a ray of light that made me see a new world when I was alone in the depths of the Gujung Palace.” Lee Hwan recalled Min Jae Yi’s words that she would protect him by her side, and he said, ‘I believed in that promise. But did you mean that all of that was truly a lie?”

In addition, Lee Hwan went directly to find clues to see if Shim Young was Min Jae Yi’s true identity. Furthermore, Lee Hwan visited Min Jae-i as Park Seon-bi. At this time, Min Jae-yi said, “She remembered seeing the dried peony petals burning in the kitchen when she was making soup for her family on the day she found the incense at the palace palace.”

Lee Hwan asked, “Is it really the same flower petals?” Min Jae-yi said, “Also, Shim-yeong came to visit me in the kitchen. However, Young-i is not my lover. No matter how much I look back, it is not. I don’t think there’s any reason to do it. It’s clear that Youngi had a reason for it. And the memory of drying peony petals burning in a bowl in the kitchen that day is certain.”

Not only that, but Lee Hwan followed Min Jae Yi, who was carrying a chair while walking inside the palace. Jae-Min put the chair down on her legs and sat on the chair and talked to herself. Min Jae-yi said, “Oh, you bastard. Yes, I would like you. Because this big palace is all yours. What do you do when you have a big house? I’m not even as good as soy sauce. Really, I’m stuffy and my nose is stuffy. I can’t believe that the arrows of the armed forces and the gates are my fault.” Even if everyone in the world calls me a murderer, you can’t do that.

You should have believed me. You said you believed. Lee Hwan pretended to look away while listening to Min Jae-yi, and Min-jae, who was surprised, almost fell into the water while walking backwards. Lee Hwan wrapped his arms around Min Jae Yi’s waist and held hee so that she would not fall into the water.

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  1. He’s developed feelings for her and can’t handle it. He truly doesn’t believe she murdered her family but he feels betrayed by the love token (matching bracelets). He also has to face that she’s engaged to Section Chief. Therefore, what do people do with what they cannot have? They reject it — using hate, despise, mistrust, whatever’s available to alleviate the want. Read more here: https://www.kdramatimes.com/2023/01/our-blooming-youth-kdrama-release-date-airing-time-cast-where-to-watch-trailer-and-no-of-episodes.html


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