Our Blooming Youth Episode 12 Recap & Summary

In ‘Our Blooming Youth Ep 12′, Lee Hwan (played by Park Hyung-sik) is released from his one-month imprisonment at the Winter Palace with the help of numerous individuals.

In one scene, Min Jae-yi (played by Jeon So-ni) is stopped by Jo Won-bo (played by Jung Woong-in) while walking as Gosoon-dol. When Jo Won-bo asks who he is, Min Jae-yi introduces himself as Go Soon-dol, but tries to avoid the seat when asked if he was given a letter by his servant.

Jo Won-bo threatens to search Min Jae-i’s body if he doesn’t comply, and grabs him by the collar, embarrassing him. Later, Han Seong-on (played by Yoon Jong-seok) saves Min Jae-yi from danger.

Meanwhile, Sungkyunkwan Jangui (played by Cha Seo-won) visits Confucian scholars and the king to help release Lee Hwan from imprisonment in the East Palace, citing his importance in aiding the crown prince. The king agrees to release Lee Hwan, stating he is willing to help the crown prince.

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