Top 07 Office Romance Kdramas That Will Make You Feel Butterflies In Your Belly

Best Office Romance Korean Drama List

Korean Drama Series are by far the most popular binge-watching choices. You can be entertained while watching a Korean series regardless of who is in the cast. Once you are hooked on K-dramas then there is no going back. Welcome back chingu you will definitely find your next K-drama here to add to your watchlist. Here is the list of work romance drama.

Office Romance Kdrama To Watch In 2022

07. Forecasting Love and Weather (2022)

forecasting love and weather episode 15 song kang park min young

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is a romance drama about the Meteorological Agency’s work and love, which is hotter than tropical nights and more unpredictable than local heavy rains. Park Min-young as Jin Ha-Kyung, a principled general forecaster, and Song Kang as Lee Si-woo, who is in charge of happy news in every situation, demonstrated the ‘heart-thumping’ chemistry in Korea’s first work with the Korea Meteorological Administration as the backdrop.

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06. Touch Your Heart (2019)

967342 korean drama

It tells the story of Oh Yoon-Seo, a well-known actress who has had a scandal that has harmed her career and left her jobless for two years. That is until she gets an opportunity to star in a major drama in the near future. But, in order to clear her name and achieve success, she must first serve as a secretary for Kwon Jung-rok, a lawyer (Lee Dong-Wook). They eventually fall in love.

05. Suspicious Partner (2017)


A prospering prosecutor’s life turns on a dime after meeting his new cheery intern, who becomes the main murder suspect soon after entering his office. Their history reveals how closely they are linked. A forgetful killer can be extremely dangerous. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he switches careers and becomes a private attorney.

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04. Romance Is A Bonus Book (2019)


A love story about two people in their 30s who work in the publishing industry. A bright writer who is the company’s youngest editor-in-chief ever becomes entangled in the life of a former copywriter looking for work.

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03. Strong Woman Bo Dong Soon (2016)


Do Bong Soon is not an ordinary woman. She is the most recent in a long line of women who have an amazing quality of Strength. Bong Soon has unimaginable powers, she has 100 times more strength than an ordinary Being. If she happens to utilize her powers for narrow-minded reasons or to hurt others, she’ll end up like her mother, Hwang Jin Yi, who lost her powers forever. Although Do Bong uses her bloodline’s surprising power for goodwill.

One day, she was fighting with some gangsters, a CEO of the gaming company, Ainsoft, happens to see her surprising powers so he decides to make her his bodyguard.

02. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (2018)


A love story of a narcissistic CEO and his sincere and hardworking Secretary who has been working for him for 9 years. Lee Young-Joon is a large corporation’s vice-chairman. His world is turned upside down when his brilliant secretary, Kim Mi-so, announces her resignation after nine years of service to Lee Young-Joon.

After speaking with his best friend, who also happens to be a board director in his company, Young-Joon vowed to do everything he could to ensure Mi-so remained by his side.

01. Business Proposal (2022)

Business Proposal

Business Proposal is an exciting office romance about a face-to-face brilliant CEO and an employee who lies about her identity. It is based on Kakao Page’s webtoon and web novel of the same name.

From the first episode, Kim Se-Jeong has been dubbed “Korea’s Emma Stone” for her smart humorous performance. By showcasing her romantic and unexpected comedic appearance, Ahn Hyo-Seop, who plays Kang Tae-moo, the perfect CEO with all of his excellent beauty, natural wealth, and outstanding business skills, has earned the nickname “rediscovery of Ahn Hyo-Seop.”

Kim Min-Gyu and Seol In-Ah’s sub-romance displayed a presence that was no less than the main.

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