New Stills of ‘2521’, Will the truth of ‘Injeolmi’ finally be revealed?

Kim Tae-Ri and Kim Ji-Yeon (Bona) confronted each other in an uneasy situation, and the sight of a ‘crude face-to-face’ was caught as shown in the new stills of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’.

In the 8th episode of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’, Rider 37, Koh Yu-Rim’s greatest buddy in PC communication, was Na Hee-do, who had soothed and strengthened Koh Yu-rim for three years. She inquired about the Fencing Association’s advance payment of her pension, but she was rejected because she was in dire need of money as her mother got cheated by fraud who ran away with all of her money.

Na Hee Do saw someone listening to music at the poolside, she was amazed to see Yu-Rim there as she was crying and eventually jumps into the pool and she recalls some past memories of seeing Yu-Rim’s wet clothes. After reaching home, “I saw her cry. What kind of hell does she live in. I hated her so much, yet my heart is peculiar,” Na Hee-do confessed to her chat friend Injeolmi. Injeolmi was Yu-rim, and she listened to Na Hee-Do’s story without knowing whether it was her own. “I wish the girl knew your sentiments like this,” Injeolmi remarked, “then she would be less lonely.” Na Hee-do said, “Are you having a hard time as well?” Injeolmi replied, “Shall we meet?”Na Hee-do went by with a yellow rose, a symbol of recognising Injeolmi and Rider 37, and Ko Yu-rim stunned seeing Na Hee-Do holding a Yellow rose, gives a yellow rose to Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-Hyuk) and flees.

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The scenario of ‘sorry alone,’ in which Kim Tae-Ri and Kim Ji-Yeon meet face-to-face in an embarrassing air current, will be shown in the 9th episode, which will air on the 12th March (Saturday). In the stills, Ko Yu-rim tells Na Hee-do to take a stand since she is walking in the middle of the school. Ko Yu-rim, who spoke first, sits down silently, while Na Hee-do is embarrassed by Ko Yu-Rim’s attitude and displays a stiff expression. The focus is on whether the Yu-rim will reveal to Na Hee-do that she is Injeolmi, as well as how their relationship will develop after the ‘Pandora’s box has been opened.

Twenty Five Twenty One Still

Kim Tae-Ri and Kim Ji-Yeon, on the other hand, garnered attention by reading the screenplay together and expressing their thoughts for this sequence in which emotional immersion is more crucial than anything else. As is usual before filming, the two chatted happily and relaxed anxiety, demonstrating a great match from rehearsal to the speed and flow of language. Even though they do not appear on camera, Kim Tae-Ri and Kim Ji-Yeon hold their seats by reciting lines for the other person’s realistic performance while watching the shot sequences side by side, passionate for the best scene. “Kim Tae-Ri and Kim Ji-Yeon (Bona) are actors who do not a spare concern for each other’s performances and add warmth to the set,” according to production company Hwa & Dam Pictures. Please watch the 9th episode on the 12th (Sat) to see if it will be’, they added.

Meanwhile, ‘Twenty-Five Twenty One,’ the show in the centre of the storm, is planning a special broadcast to thank viewers for their support. The special broadcast ‘Twenty-five Twenty One – I Have to Have You, which covers 90 minutes from episodes 1 to 8 of ‘Twenty-five Twenty One,’ will be broadcast on the 11th (Fri) at 10:30 p.m.(KST) Then, on the 12th (Sat), at 9:10 p.m.(KST), the 9th episode of ‘Twenty-five Twenty One’ will air.

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