New Disney+’s Thriller “Revenge Of Others” Releases Main Poster

The main poster for the new Disney+ thriller mystery drama “Revenge Of Others” has been unveiled.

The new Disney+ original series “Revenge of Others” will follow Chan-mi (Shin Ye-Eun), who searches for the truth regarding the death of her twin brother, and Soo-Heon (Lomon), who begins taking revenge on an unjust world. It is a gripping teen revenge thriller that takes place as characters are involved in a horrific incident that leaves them feeling anxious.

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Revenge of Others Kdrama Main Poster, Source: Twitter

This time, the main poster grabs attention with an illustration of people choosing revenge over a dream, set against the background of a school rooftop. In particular, Jisoo-Heon, who started revenge for justice with suffering friends, and Chanmi Ok, who transferred from school to find the truth about her twin brother’s death, are gazing intently at the front, building anticipation for their revenge.

Park Won-Seok (Kang Yul), the twin brother of Chanmi Ok, is standing on the school’s roof railing and is observing the people involved in the shocking incident, including Seok Jae-Beom (Seo Ji-hoon), Tae So-Yeon (Jung Soo-bin), Ki Oh-Seong (Chae Sang-woo), and Kuk Ji-Hyeon (Lee Su-min). It piques interest in the truth of death.

The Disney+ original series “Revenge of Others” is anticipated to expand the teen genre while heightening the suspense and mystery surrounding the death of her twin brother and the unusual theme of retribution. Shin Ye-Eun, Lomon, Seo Ji-hoon, Su-bin, Chae Sang-woo, and Lee Su-min will give unmatched performances as new performers with strong acting chops and fresh appeal. The thrilling tale that repeats the reversal with each episode will also be introduced.

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