Netizens Suspect BTS’ V, Jennie & Her Chaebol Best Friend Are In ‘A Love Triangle’

In the middle of the BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie dating rumours, it was reported that V’s dating rumours, which surfaced in October of last year, were with Jenny’s best friend.

On May 23rd, a video was uploaded to the YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho.” “Jenny and V’s Jeju date…? Why is it creepy to have a chaebol woman in your life? “was made public.

“BTS member V and BLACKPINK member Jenny are caught up in relationship speculations,” Jinho Lee remarked, alluding to the two people’s dating rumours that arose when a photo was recently uploaded on an online community. Jenny and V, who are believed to be in a car, are seen in a car on Jeju Island in the shot.

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“Actually, it is known that V and Jenny visited Jeju Island, so it spread even further,” Jinho Lee stated. Continuing, he said, “Many people have been discussing about GD and Jenny’s relationship since the photo was revealed.

It’s because the two, who were once lovers, broke up with each other “he stated. There were even rumours that Jennie was in a transient relationship.”

Furthermore, Lee Jin-ho stated, “Another relationship, more interesting than GD, exists. It’s a charming love triangle.” “The friendship is so deep that Jenny went to a party with her and even left a certification shot,” Lee Jin-ho stated. Continuing, he said, “V was surrounded by dating rumors between Jennie and Jeon. In less than a year due to the timing,” he said.

He also said, Jennie was the person to be followed by V other than any other BTS member after they launched their own Instgram accounts. Later, V clarified that it was a mistake.

“I’m curious what kind of position their agencies would expose (I’m curious),” Lee Jin-ho added. ‘It’s impossible to confirm,’ or it’s extremely probable that they won’t take a stance.’ If it’s not true, we’ll say it’s not true and ‘legal response,’ and ‘rumour.’ If it’s true, we’ll say it’s true.

Both agencies are currently silent. It will be interesting to observe how they respond.”

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