Netflix’s Upcoming “Narco-saints” Releases Main Poster, Shows Two Sided Characters

The main poster for the new Netflix’s original series ” Narco-saints” has been released.

The intense psychological conflict between two sided characters in the Netflix original series “Narco-saints” is anticipated to attract audiences all around the world. A citizen who accepts a covert mission from the National Intelligence Service after being falsely accused of being a drug lord who has taken control of the South American nation of Suriname is the subject of the Netflix series “Narco-saints.”

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The intriguing characters from “Narco-saints” are gathered together in the main poster that has been publicly disclosed. The people are gathered in one location with their own plans and objectives, but they are unable to unwind even for a brief moment. They are led by Jeon Yo-hwan (Hwang Jung-min), the drug lord who concealed himself as the person of a highly respected Korean pastor in Suriname.

Jeon Yo-hwan was given the freedom to rest whenever he wanted thanks to the cash and medications that were put in front of him. Kang In-goo (Ha Jung-woo), a civilian businessman who suggested a new business route to him, and Choi Chang-ho (Park Hae-soo), a NIS agent who disguised his identity solely with an international commercial plan risk their lives in order to capture Jeon Yo-hwan.

Even though Choi Chang-ho promised to safeguard Kang In-goo, who lives at Jeon Yo-hwan’s mansion and is constantly watched, he constantly meets unforeseen crises. He avoids Jeon Yo-hwan’s gaze and piques interest in how he would get through many crises because of his intrinsic ability to live.

By suspecting Kang In-gu and Choi Chang-ho to be by Jeon Yo-hwan’s side, Byun Gi-tae (Cho Woo-jin), who betrayed Chen Jin’s organization and became Jeon Yo-hwan’s henchman, and David Park (Yoo Yeon-seok), who radiates a con artist-like aura but is cautious, heighten the tension. Chen Jin, the notorious Chinatown thug who will do anything for money, simultaneously puts pressure on Kang In-gu and Jeon Yo-hwan.

The plot of “Narco-saints” revolves around a number of people who are unaware of one another’s realities, doubt and trick one another, and move in an unpredictable route. Ha Jung-woo remarked: “Each character has three dimensions. There are numerous cases involving a single character, which makes the tension and the narrative itself interesting.”

Narco-saints is scheduled to be released on September 9 exclusively on Netflix. The series is anticipated to be a psychological conflict between several intertwined people.

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