Netflix’s Original Thriller ‘Narco-Saints’ Ranks 1st Globally

The Netflix original series “Narco-Saints” (Suriname), which was strengthened throughout the Chuseok holiday, has at last reached the peak of global watch time.

In the third week of September, “Narco-saints” ranked first in the category of non-English-speaking TV shows, garnering 62.65 million hours of viewing, according to the Netflix Top 10 rankings, which were made public on the 22nd and reveal the total amount of time that Netflix content has been viewed (12-18 days).

When the series was released on the 9th of September, it started in fifth place for the first five days of the second week (5th to 11th). It made steady progress up the standings until it eventually reached the top of the day.

This amount of time spent watching surpasses the amount of time spent watching Season 2 of “Fate: The Legend of Wings,” (48.96 million hours) which is ranked second in the category of English-language TV shows.

Up until the second week of this month, the drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” (also known as “Woo Young-woo”) held the top spot for seven weeks in a row. However, in the third week, ‘Narco-saints’ defeated it and moved up to the fourth spot.

With more people watching “Narco-saints,” the question of whether it will surpass the legendary “Squid Game” is gaining attention. When “Squid Game” was released during Chuseok last year, it attracted viewers from all around the world, not only in Korea, amassing a staggering 1.65 billion viewing hours. Of course, the box office is not even close to that of “Squid Game,” but Netflix subscribers all around the world have long admired the Korean original Netflix series.

In addition to “Narco-saints” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” “Young Lady and Gentleman” ranked fifth, “Little Women” ranked ninth, and “Alchemy of Souls: Part 1” in 10th place on the Netflix non-English-speaking TV show watch time ranking.

Meanwhile, Narco-saints is a Netflix original South Korean action thriller drama series featuring Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin, and Yoo Yeon-seok. The series’ screenplay written and directed by Yoon Jong-bin is based on the true story of Jo Bong-Haeng, who ran a major drug-smuggling ring in Suriname in South Africa.

Based on actual events, Narco-saints portrays a regular businessman who is forced to risk his life by assisting government authorities on a covert mission to apprehend a Korean drug lord operating in Suriname. It was scheduled to be released on September 9, 2022 exclusively on Netflix, worldwide.

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