Nam Joo-hyuk Draws attention by causing ‘The First Love Memory Manipulation’ | Twenty Five Twenty One

Twenty five Twenty One,’ actor Nam Joo-hyuk demonstrated his charm potential right away, bringing in another new character in life.

Nam Joo-hyuk’s chemistry is a hot topic. The drama is infused with life thanks to Nam Joo’s-vibrant breaths. The play features Hee Do’s happy and wonderful chemistry, as well as Yu-rim’s and Seung wan’s quarrelsome sibling chemistry, the interaction between the landlord’s daughter and the tenant, and the cheerful tension with many adolescents. It contributed to the drama’s enjoyment.

The tvN drama ‘Twenty-five Twenty One,’ which premiered last week, depicts the wandering and growing of young people in the era of 1998 who have been deprived of their ambitions. Baek Yi-jin (Nam Joo-hyuk), who lost everything owing to the IMF and led a brave life despite a destroyed family environment.

Twenty Five Twenty One, Nam Joo Hyuk, Image Credit: tvn

With his simple tone and kind eyes, Nam Joo-hyuk gained attention by causing ‘manipulation of early love memories.’ The images of Jin Yi playing guitar in the band club and active as an announcer in the broadcasting division reminded him of his first love at the time, while the smile of Jin Lee, who became a college student, receiving a red sports car as a present and navigating through Apgujeong.

Jin-eun Lee greeted Hee-do (Kim Tae-ri) with a warm grin and a pleasant welcome, “Congratulations,” after receiving the news of Hee- do’s (Tae-ri) fencing dream transfer. She uses mental arithmetic to answer the math problem, which is the password for the shopping centre toilet, for Hee-do, who is in a hurry to use the restroom. “You know what’s terrific about being a non-athlete?” Lee Jin grabbed Hee-do as he was ready to fall off the bus. You can seek player protection if you get harmed. “Please have a seat.” There was also an exhilarating moment when I had to give up my seat.

Twenty Five Twenty One, Nam joo Hyuk, Image Credit: tvn

By sensitively portraying the character’s emotive lines, Nam Joo-hyuk won the hearts of viewers. “I will never be happy either,” he muttered to the debtor who came to the single room, despite his mature image of preserving his family even under bad circumstances. I’ll never be truly happy in my life.” The fans were moved by the agony of keeping back tears. After that, Lee Jin’s pale eyes, which he revealed while drawing a tiny moment just for the two of us, merged to Hee-Do’s innocence, gave us a sensation of suspense and expectation .

As a result, Nam Joo-hyuk was well-received for his refreshing visuals, which kept the audience’s attention on him, his stinging sensation at the tip of his nose, and his profound expressive power, which was not shy about expressing genuine sympathy. The ‘first love memory manipulation’ was evoked by Nam Joo-unusual hyuk’s youthful attractiveness and unadorned, yet fluttering eyes and voice. Viewers are anticipating a more powerful performance from Nam Joo-hyuk, in the upcoming episodes of ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’.

nam joo hyuk
Twenty Five Twenty One, Nam Joo Hyuk, Image: tvn

Meanwhile, Twenty Five Twenty one is a ongoing South Korean drama series featuring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Jook Hyuk as main leads. This korean Drama series is set in 1998 and depicts the story of two young people who have found new directions and growth after being deprived of their dreams. Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk will appear as Na Hido and Baek I-jin, meet for the first time at the ages of 18 and 22, and fall in love a few years later at the ages of 21 and 25. Read More

‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvn and is also available on Netflix.

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