Nam Joo Hyuk, Another Victim Claims She Was Sexually Abused In “Kakao Talk Prison” of Which He Was A Member

Nam Joo Hyuk is accused of allegedly bullying another victim, who says she was sexually abused in a “Kakao Talk Prison”. Actor Nam Joo-hyuk engaged in the “Kakao Talk Prison,” which was verified to have existed, and by cursing at a woman alongside other participants, he went beyond the role of a bystander.

Female classmate A, who attended high school with Nam Joo-hyuk, revealed that she had experienced what was referred to as Nam Joo-hyuk’s “Kakao Talk Hell.” Nam Joo-hyuk was reportedly engaged in this.

The incident with A happened on May 10, 2012. A was in her third year of high school, as was Nam Joo-hyuk. One of Nam Joo-hyuk’s group despised me, and only because of that, they invited me to a “group chat room” and cursed at me as if I was a joke.

Members of Kakao chat room as per the sources

Person A claimed that at the time, Nam Joo-hyuk and 12 other companions coercively invited her to a “group chat room” (Kakao Talk group chat room). It was later proven that they had verbally harassed A and made derogatory comments about her appearance and sexuality.

They say things like, “Why are you talking about X ugly like a pig,” “Are you avoiding X because you’re terrified,” “Mop-like X,” “Get out, this X-ah,” “Tell that X to get out,” and more, according to the professional group chat room data the Korean magazine obtained (kyunghyang).

When Nam Joo-hyuk finally joined the group chat, he directly gossiped about A and assisted them in their conversation. Despite not having started the group chat room, Nam Joo-hyuk took an active role in it.

As the testimony of Nam Joo-hyuk’s bullying spread, Nam Joo-hyuk’s friends who were in the group chat room at the time expressed their intention and apologizes to A.

But A remarked, “Nam Joo-hyuk and his buddies received a message that they wanted to apologise to me, but they declined since they thought it was absurd that the offenders would apologise after ten years. She declared, “I don’t want to accept an apology that isn’t sincere. They expressed their displeasure about the interview with Nam Joo-huk’s friends that contained false information, claiming that “Even now, they are doing secondary harm.”

The “Kakao Talk Prison” is an example of ordinary cyberbullying, however it is uncommon for male students to sexually harass a female student, says Choi Seon-hee, head of the Green Tree Foundation (Cheongyedan), a school violence prevention organisation. They can be probed, categorised, and subject to harsher penalties, he said.

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