Nam Joo Hyuk, A School Bully… His Agency Declares To Take Legal Action Against False Claimants

Nam Joo Hyuk has been linked to school bullying.

The Days, an online publication, first highlighted concerns about Nam Joo-hyuk’s alleged school violence on the 20th of June.

Informant A, who reportedly attended middle and high school with Nam Joo-hyuk, allegedly stated, “I experienced school violence for six years in middle and high school.

Along with alleging daily torture and violence, he also claimed to have called a so-called “bread shuttle.”

Person A provided an explanation for the revelation by stating that “the embarrassing 6 years came to mind again when such a Nam Joo-hyuk appeared in a drama as a pure and innocent male lead.”

The legal team representing actor Nam Joo-hyuk denied the charges of school violence and warned to take legal action.

In response to Nam Joo-hyuk’s claim of school violence, Management Soop, Nam Joo-hyuk’s agency, declared in a statement on the 20th of June, “After confirming the facts with the actor, all of the information is not true.”

The agency declared, “We will submit a charge sheet against the media reporter who initially reported it and the anonymous source, and we will ask the media arbitration council for corrective information.”

Additionally, they issued a strong legal warning: “We will take strict legal responsibility for all acts of posting unilateral claims online without a clear fact-checking process.”

Meanwhile, Nam Joo Hyuk won hearts of millions from his recent drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One‘ where he portrays Baek Yi-Jin the eldest son of a rich south Korean family but his life changes from being rich to poor. He works part-time such as delivering newspapers and other handy works. He later became a sports reporter for the broadcast station.

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