My Lovely Liar Kdrama 2023 Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

My Lovely Liar is a South Korean TV series helmed by director Nam Sung-woo. The show features renowned actors Kim So-hyun and Hwang Min-hyun in leading roles. The premiere of My Lovely Liar is slated for July 31, 2023, and viewers can catch it on the tvN network every Monday and Tuesday at 20:50 (KST).

Discover the highly anticipated K-drama, My Lovely Liar, set to release in 2023. Unveil the intriguing plot, talented cast, and more in this thrilling series.


My Lovely Liar Kdrama Profile

  • Drama: My Lovely Liar (English title) / Useless Lies (literal title)
  • Director: Nam Sung-Woo
  • Writer: Seo Jung-Eun
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 31, 2023
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday
  • Time slot: 20:50 KST
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

My Lovely Liar Kdrama Plot Synopsis

The plot of the drama follows Mok Sol Hee who possesses a unique gift that grants her the power to discern truth from lies. However, she despises this ability and considers it a burden. Her extraordinary talent leaves her unable to place trust in others, creating a sense of isolation. Eventually, Mok Sol Hee becomes entangled with a murder suspect who vehemently proclaims his innocence, yet faces disbelief from everyone around him.

My Lovely Liar Kdrama Cast

  • Kim So-hyun takes on the role of Mok Sol-hee, a person who sacrificed her happiness at a young age due to her ability to hear lies.
  • Hwang Min-hyun portrays Kim Do-ha, a renowned composer and producer in Korea, known by his stage name “K.” He goes into hiding and changes his identity after getting involved in an incident.
  • Seo Ji-hoon plays Lee Kang-min, a detective who falls in love at first sight with Mok Sol-hee but is diagnosed with stomach cancer.
  • Yoon Ji-on portrays Jo Deuk-chan, the representative of J Entertainment who is aware of Kim Do-ha’s true identity.
  • Lee Si-woo appears as Sha On, a popular solo singer and the nation’s beloved younger sister.
  • Ha Jong-woo as Baek Chi-hoon, Mok Sol-hee’s bodyguard
  • Park Kyung-hye as Cassandra, a superstitious tarot magician.
  • Song Jin-woo takes on the role of Park Moo-jin, a composer at J Entertainment and Do-ha’s rival
  • Cho Jin-se plays Soboro, the owner of Yeonseo Bakery.
  • Seo Hyun-chul appears as Jang Joong-gyu, the owner and drummer of the live bar Oasis
  • Baek Min-hyun portrays Oh Ki-ja, a seasoned entertainment club member determined to uncover Do-ha’s true face.

In conclusion, My Lovely Liar is an upcoming Korean drama that promises an engaging and captivating storyline. Led by talented actors Kim So-hyun and Hwang Min-hyun, the series delves into the lives of Mok Sol-hee and Kim Do-ha as they navigate their own personal struggles. Mok Sol-hee’s ability to hear lies becomes a curse that hinders her ability to trust others, while Kim Do-ha, a famous composer, hides a mysterious past. As their paths intertwine, a murder suspect claiming innocence adds to the intrigue and suspense. With a talented supporting cast and a mix of romance, mystery, and deception, My Lovely Liar is poised to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Prepare to be immersed in a world of secrets, trust issues, and unexpected connections when this highly anticipated K-drama hits the screens in 2023.

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