My Liberation Notes ‘Lee Ki Woo’ Announces Marriage With Non-Celebrity Girlfriend In Jeju Island

Actor Lee Ki-woo openly expressed his feelings about getting married in September with his non celebrity girlfriend. A representative of Lee Ki-woo’s agency Neverdie Entertainment also informed that Lee Ki-woo will marry his non-celebrity girlfriend in Jeju Island in September.

On the 23rd of August, Lee Ki-woo announced his marriage through a handwritten letter through his official Instagram account saying, “It’s a little strange and wonderful to greet you through a handwritten letter for the first time like this.”

Lee Ki-woo wrote in a post on Instagram, “Years ago, I met a wise person who made a great impression on me.”

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Lee Ki Woo’ s Handwritten letter posted in his IG

In describing the bride, Lee Ki-woo said, “She is not stingy in sharing and knows how to find the reward of giving. She has the warmth to reach out without hesitation when she sees the weak, and she has a commitment to live righteously rather than living well.”

“As we walked together to find things to appreciate about each other and learn from each other, I felt sure that I want to walk with this person in the future, and I want to have a family with this person who gave me a broader objective in life.”

He continued, “we ask for your support and encouragement so that we can create a family that can even somewhat contribute to the world while projecting a positive image. I appreciate your support and interest as always, and I promise to return the favour by projecting a more responsible image.

Meanwhile, after making his film debut in 2003 with “Classic,” Lee Ki-woo went on to star in “Introducing My Girlfriend,” “That Guy Was Cool,” “Sad Movie,” “The Chaser,” and “Time Breaker.” The Love of this Killer, The Handsome Ramen Shop, The Virus, Miss Korea, Memory, Woman of Dignity, Just Between Lovers, and 18 Again etc.

In particularly, the JTBC and Netflix drama “My Liberation Notes,” in which Lee Ki-woo recently portrayed the character of single father Jo Tae-hoon, received positive feedback from viewers. He also confirmed his appearance in the upcoming Jtbc drama ‘Miracle Brothers’ in a leading role.

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