Moon Ga Young Transforms Into A Job Seeker Who Battles Harsh Realities Of Life In New Drama ‘Link’

Moon Ga-young reprises her role as Noh Da-Hyun, a trainee who battles the hard realities of life.

On the 4th, the first stills of Moon Ga-young from the drama “Link: Eat, Love, Kill” (authored by Kwon Ki-young and Kwon Dohan, directed by Hong Jong-chan) were revealed, unveiling her new acting makeover.

Link: Eat, Love, Kill” is a fantasy romantic drama in which a guy experiences all of the feelings of a strange lady, and is a linked phenomenon that has resurfaced after 18 years.

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Moon Ga-young’s vivid appearance, which is infused into Noh Da-Hyun’s character, draws notice in the first published photo. Viewers are drawn to her exquisite beauty and intellectual prowess as a career lady.

However, as if these appearances weren’t enough, a completely different ambience was caught as well. Walking around her neighbourhood in comfy casual clothes, with a backpack instead of a handbag, gives off a suspicious vibe. Her hands were stuffed into her pockets, and she had a troubled expression on her face, indicating that her youth was not easy.

Mun Ga-young’s character Noh Da-Hyeon is a trainee who works as a job preparation before landing a job at Eun Gye-hoon’s restaurant, “Jihwa Restaurant.”


Despite the hard world, Noh Da Hyun, who has a decent demeanour and does not harm others, struggles with a bright smile. However, she has reached a stage in her life as a poor woman when she self-congratulates herself since ‘there is no good fortune,’ and she considers men to be the least fortunate among them. She is always smiling because, as the phrase goes, “laughing gives happiness.”

Eun Gye-hoon, who notices even the tiniest emotion in a moment and worries about what kind of emotional agitation it will bring, meets Noh Da-Hyun, who swears “I will never have a man again in my life” as a habit. To make matters worse, Moon Ga- young’s transformation, which will portray Noh Da-Hyun’s exciting life, is expected, as she has a secret that she cannot divulge to anybody due to an irrevocable incident.

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