Memories Of First Love, Nam Joo Hyuk & Kim Tae Ri Sadly Parted ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’

With only two episodes left, “Twenty-five Twenty One” released “Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Baek Yi-Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk), Youth Records,” which is as hot as midsummer.

At the ending of Twenty Five Twenty One Episode 14, Baek Yi-jin, who became an anchor in 2009, and Na Hee-do, who won a gold medal in an international competition for the second time, were drawn. Baek Yi Jin conducted a video interview with Na Hee Do. “She has always cheered for me with the same heart from the beginning until today,” Baek Yi Jin remarked. Nahee chimed in as well, saying, “I’m in the same boat as you. Regardless of where I am, I am rooting for the anchor with all my heart.” “And it’s late, but congratulations on your wedding,” Baek Yi-jin added. Baek Yi-jin was not Na Hee-Do’s husband she disclosed.

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Twenty Five Twenty One

Youth Record No. 1- Twenty-Four & Twenty (Episode 14)

Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin in the last 14 episodes faced major confrontations, disappointments, and suffering from each other. With Baek Yi Jin’s pledge, “Let’s try this type of love,” the two began a brilliant love affair as Baek Yi-jin became twenty-four and Na Hee-Do turned twenty. However, after hearing the story of Ko Yu-rim, who chose to become a Russian citizen due to severe family circumstances, Baek Yi-jin published the story, disappointing and hurting, and a gap developed between Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin. “Can’t you conduct business using someone else?” Na Hee-do, who had previously been involved in an Asian Games judgement issue, expressed her displeasure with Baek Yi-jin. Na Hee-do emerged with a tool to wipe graffiti in front of Baek Yi-jin, who sobbed when he saw the red text ‘Ko Yu-rim Maekuk-no.’ The question is whether or not there has been a reconciliation.

Youth Record No. 2- Twenty-Five & Twenty-One: What did love mean to the two (Episode 15)

The two people doing their best in love unfold, including Na Hee Do’s joyous moments. The stories of Na Hee-do, who is hard at work at the Taereung Athlete’s Village preparing for the 2001 Madrid Olympics, and Baek Yi-jin, a reporter who goes to various fields with a sense of duty and responsibility, are vividly unfolding. Baek Yi-jin encounters problems he never imagined while witnessing and reporting on the terrible scene, while Na Hee-do provides warm support and comfort to Baek Yi-jin, who is pushing forward with hope for a better future.

Every day, I wish for happiness, but when a severe ordeal strikes unexpectedly, I remind myself, “Life is valuable.” While Baek Yi-Jin’s firm commitment, “Let us love without regrets while we are alive,” adds to the passion, the focus is on the significance of the love etched deep in the hearts of the two people during their sparkling youth.

Youth Record No. 3- The decision to protect love has returned by parting (Episode 16)

What will be the cause of Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-Jin’s separation? They loved each other passionately, relied on each other, and supported each other. The stories of two persons who had a significant meaning in their life are pulled desperately in the 16th episode, which will be televised in the future, and in which they had no choice but to split. Na Hee-do, who enters the athletes’ village, trains, and competes in the world championships, and Baek Yi-jin, who pondered her beliefs as a reporter in the midst of numerous situations and devoted her devotion, find themselves in a terrible circumstance where they can no longer rely on each other’s support. What made you decide to maintain love, and how did you go about it?

“I wanted to dwell on the meaning of ‘first love,’ which persists in the faint memories of Na Hee-do and Baek Yi-jin from the moment they met and subsequently parted,” the production company Hwa & Dam Pictures said. Please watch the ‘Epic of Youth’ finale, which will air in episodes 15 and 16, as it contains all the joys and sorrows.” Source (1)

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