Love In Contract Episode 3 Recap & Summary

In Love in Contract Ep 3, Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young) was apprehended by Kang Hae-jin (Kim Jae-young) in front of Jung Ji-ho’s house and told that Jung Ji-ho was a killer. When Jung Ji-ho heard the noise, he opened the door and said, “Honey, I’m hungry. Come in. Let’s eat.”

Added Kang Hae-jin, “I’ll ask you a simple question. What do you have to say? a photo of a deceased woman and a knife in hand. That person seems to be a serial killer or similar person.” Finally, Jung Ji-ho remarked, “In terms of what I do, I occasionally remove someone from society. You’re only acting, so you’ll say it carelessly whether you’re a murderer or a detective who apprehends a murderer, but doing so in front of real people can be really disrespectful.”

Choi Sang-eun stated, “So who are you? Are you really a murderer?” Jung Ji-ho said, “I’m a public officer,” claiming to be a judge. Querying Choi Sang-eun, Kang Hae-eun said “So who are you now? You disappear late at night, reappear the next day, then disappear once again. Choi Sang-eun was led into the home by Jung Ji-ho.

An unknown man was going to attack Choi Sang-eun when Kang Hye-jin intervened to save her. “Are you okay?” Then Kang Hae-jin uttered: “Is it painful? I don’t feel hurt, “Looking at the blood on her palm, she said.

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Love In Contract Kdrama Episode 3, tvN

Turning to Choi Sang-eun, who was wet, Hae-jin said, “Let’s head over to my house. Don’t stress about it.” When Kang Hae-jin noticed that Choi Sang-eun had said “There” and extended her hand, he laughed and added, “Jamie is right.”

After treating Choi Eun’s wounds, Kang Hae-jin gave her some new clothes and then prompted her to confess her real identity. Is she the only daughter of Inha group Jamie, Hae-jin Kang asked, to which Choi Sang-eun said, “By the way, Yoy don’t have a cat today.”

Afterwards, Kang Hae-jin questioned her, “What is your real identity? ” as he started a serious conversation with Choi Sang-eun. I still clearly remember Chairman In-ha bragging that she had nurtured her as a wonderful daughter who wouldn’t fall for any marriage.

I have one more reason to leave Korea, Choi Sang-eun thought to herself as she left Kang Hae-jin’s residence. With her divorce papers in hand, Choi Sang-eun stumbled down the stairs as she made her way to Jung Ji Ho’s house.

A security officer informed Jung Ji-ho that Choi Sang-eun was at Kang Hae-jin’s home in the meantime. Due to his resentment, Jung Ji-ho signed the divorce papers because he was envious.

Additionally, Jung Ji-ho conducted an unofficial investigation after learning that Choi Sang-eun had been attacked. When Choi Sang-eun’s visit to bring her borrowed clothing, Jung Ji-ho also paid a visit to Hae-jin Kang’s home. Jung Ji-ho said, “I came to meet Hae-jin. The suspect who attacked Choi Hae-eun is related to Hae-jin.

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