Love In Contract Episode 2 Recap & Summary

In ‘Love In Contract‘ Ep 3, Go Kyung-pyo, Park Min-young, and Kim Jae-young engaged in a three-way face-to-face encounter in the elevator.

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Love In Contract Episode 3

Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo) mistakenly thought Kang Hae-jin (Kim Jae-young) was a delivery man because he was holding a box and sporting a hat. Jamie, Kang Hae-jin’s cat, managed to escape the box when Jung Ji-ho pulled out the package and dropped the box. Are you the owner?, Jung Jiho asked while holding the cat Jamie.

Asking to Ji-ho Jung, Kang Hae-jin said “Immediately visit my home. Please hold me and come to my place; Jamie never gives me hugs.” After that, Kang Hae-jin and Jung Ji-ho separately made their way to Kang Hae-jin’s residence with Jamie’s box and courier.

The two of them shocked Choi Sang-eun, who is contractually married to Jung Ji-ho, when she encountered them in the elevator on hee way to Jung Ji-ho’s residence. Kang Hae-jin named himself “Jamie” and Jung Ji-ho addressed Choi Sang-eun “Ms. Sang-eun” when they both saw her.

“I’m Kang Hae-jin who has recently moved into the house upstairs,” the man remarked after glancing at the couple’s wedding rings. Choi Sang-eun caught Kang Hae-eun staring at her and Hae-eun thought she might recognise h, but Choi Sang-eun ignored him and punched the elevator button.

Ji-ho, who accompanied Jamie to his home, “Are you two together? When do you plan to get married?” Kang Hae-jin asked, “How long have you been in a relationship?” when Jung Ji-ho replied, “It’s been five years. “Kang Hae-jin asked, “I haven’t heard anything other than the report that the group’s lone daughter has moved to a foreign nation, are you Korean?”

when Jung Ji-ho was unable to respond, Kang Hae-jin asked Jung Ji-ho, who was embarrassed and unable to respond, “So don’t you know Jamie?” I know, Jung Ji-ho replied while indicating Jamie the cat.

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Kang Hae-jin, meanwhile, revealed his complex thoughts after running across Choi Choi-eun in the elevator. Kang Hae-jin thought, she had a confident attitude and was dressed in luxurious clothing, which made him think of his first love, Jamie (Park Min-young), whom he had known in high school. “In that glance, he is correct. She was unquestionably Jamie. Jamie’s identity is unknown to her partner, though. She is undoubtedly attempting to conceal her identity “He had a feeling.

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