Love In Contract Episode 15 Recap: Jung Ji-Ho & Choi Sang Eun’s Break Up

In the 15th episode of ‘Love In Contract‘, Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo) was drawn to tears after breaking up with Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young).

On this day, Jung Ji-ho and Choi Sang-eun promised to get married and spent a happy time honestly expressing their affection for each other. Jung Ji-ho said, “I got married with the thought, “I want someone to be by my side.”

Choi Sang-eun asked, “Is it different now?” Jung Ji-ho said, “I’m just grateful that we can talk about the future together. How can I make Sang-eun happy? All I can think of is that.”Choi Sang-eun said, “I’m married, what’s the difference? I thought it was funny. Meeting Ji-ho and having a real marriage make me think a lot. It’s like a dream. There is also. I’m so happy.”

To aid Yoo Mi-ho, Choi’s mother, Jung Ji-ho chose to act in a way that was against his profession. When Choi Sang-eun and Jung Ji-eun first met, Jung Ji-eun declared, “I’m in favour of Ji-ho and Sang-eun’s relationship. I am aware that my brother is prepared to sacrifice everything for Sang-eun. Sang-eun, however, doesn’t seem to want to lose anything, in my opinion “, he stated.

Choi Sang-eun visited Jung Ji-ho and cried, “How can you do such a thing without consulting me?” Jung Ji-ho nailed it, saying, “Even when I was embarrassed last time, Sang-eun asked me to wait. I respected that meaning. I was honestly upset. It seemed like there was nothing I could do. I didn’t want to keep my distance.”Choi Sang-eun said, “I know Ji-ho’s feelings. But I don’t want Ji-ho to have problems because of me. Can’t I just leave him struggling alone? Don’t do it.

In the end, Choi Sang-eun began avoiding Jung Ji-ho, and Jung Ji-ho made the decision to visit Choi at her home. When Jung Ji-ho saw the ring Choi Sang-eun had placed in her closet, he sobbed as if he had a gut feeling that they were going to part ways.

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