Love In Contract Episode 14 Recap: Go Kyung-pyo confessed to Park Min-young

In Love in Contract Ep 14 Go Kyung-pyo (Jung Ji Ho) confessed to Park Min-young (Choi Sang Eun) and Kim Jae Young (Kang Hae-jin), who retired from the entertainment industry and returned to his business, was depicted.

Yoo Mi-ho and Jung Ji-ho had a separate conversation in which Jung Ji-ho (Go Kyung-pyo) mentioned that the neighborhood where the nursery was situated was Madam Yu’s hometown.

He continued, “I intentionally made the statement that the Ina group has a daughter. The purpose was because of an arranged marriage with the Gangjin group.” Yu Mi-ho asked, “Is it such a big sin to spend money to raise a child?”Jung Ji-ho said, “I did not dig up to the source of the 10 billion won. Because Jeon Sang-eun’s heart is more important. He felt that he was not treated only as a product, so I want to say that I hope you are well.”

He continued, “I wondered if I would feel the same way as Sang-eun if I were in this situation, but she was not confident. But after hearing Sang-eun’s heart, I accepted it. So I hope you apologize. As a mother, please reach out your hand first. Please,” he said sincerely.

But Yu Mi-ho said, “I’m not Choi Sang-eun’s mother. She doesn’t deserve such a word. If she admits that I am her mother, she’ll inflict indelible wounds on the child. She can’t afford that. I will just be punished for not being recognized as her mother until the very end.” Jung Ji-ho said she made a place for Madam Yoo to apologize to Choi Sang-eun, and Yuma-dam apologized to Choi Sang-eun for her mistakes in her past days.

At the end of Love in Contract Ep 14, Jung Ji-ho said, “He doesn’t want to break up with Sang-eun. Would you like to stay with me today.

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