Love In Contract Ending Explained: A Happy Ending

Love In Contract ended with a happy ending. It was happy ending for Jung Ji-ho (Ko Kyung-pyo) and Choi Sang-eun (Park Min-young).

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Love In Contract Episode 16

In Love In Contract Ep 16, Jung Ji-ho had a hard time when Choi Sang-eun didn’t contact him, and he decided to wait until she came back according to the advice of those around him. Choi Sang-eun realized her feelings for Jung Ji-ho once again, and she headed to his house. Choi Sang-eun said, “I was scared. I didn’t have the confidence to see Ji-ho.” Jung Ji-ho couldn’t hide his sadness, saying, “Sang-eun didn’t have to be alone. If you need time, you need time. She was able to honestly talk about it.”

Choi Sang-eun said, “I thought I had a good life as Choi Sang-eun for the past 13 years. But when I saw Ji-ho getting hurt and ruined because of me, I hated myself so much. I wondered if I shouldn’t be happy. she said sorry.

Choi Sang-eun asked, “Can I ask how you’ve been?” and Ji-ho Jung said, “Actually, I didn’t know when Sang-eun would come, so I was always preparing. Wouldn’t the house look cold? Mon, Wed, On Friday, I didn’t work overtime because I was afraid Sang-eun would come. I practiced so that I wouldn’t be lonely while drinking. I wanted to visit her, but I waited. Until you came.” Choi Sang-eun said, “I almost forgot. I am a person who can be happy only with Ji-ho.”

After that, Jung Ji-ho and Choi Sang-eun decided to skip the wedding and live together. In particular, Choi Sang-eun prepared a proposal for Jung Ji-ho, and when Jung Ji-ho received an event in front of a lot of people, he was at a loss for what to do. Choi Sang-eun said, “Mr. Ji-ho, will you marry me?” She handed him a bouquet and a ring. Jung Ji-ho promised, “Yes. I will.”

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Love In Contract Final Episode

Jung Ji-ho was also planning a proposal for Choi Sang-eun. Jung Ji-ho took Choi Sang-eun home, and when he opened the trunk, it was decorated with flowers and banners.Jung Ji-ho knelt down, saying, “I should have done this first, but I’m sorry it’s late. The scarred petals are the most fragrant. It’s true about Sang-eun.” Jung Ji-ho confessed, “Sang-eun, will you marry me?” Choi Sang-eun nodded her head.

To conclude, Love In Contract Episode 16 which was the last episode of the drama ended happily making viewers’ happy at the same time. Jung Ji-ho and Choi Sang-eun held a party at their house instead of the wedding, and invited family and acquaintances.

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