Love In Contract Cast Real Name Age & More

The much-awaited tvN drama series “Love in Contract” has finally released. The new romance drama series will undoubtedly need to live up to some lofty expectations. From its very first episode, fans have been delighted and curious about how the relationship between the characters will develop in future episodes.

Meanwhile, Love In Contract is a South Korean rom-com drama featuring Park Min Young, Go Kyung Pyo and Kim Jae Young in the main roles. It is about a helper agency that gives wives to singles in need of companions to accompany them to events for married couples and high school reunions.

Love In Contract Drama Cast: Real Name, Age, Height & More

Fans are already rooting for their favourite characters from the series and want to know more about them. Where do they recognize them from? What social media platforms can they be found on? So, we are here with Love In Contract cast members:

Park Min-Young as Choi Sang-Eun

  • Real Name: Park Min-Young
  • Age: 36 years
  • Height: 164cm
  • Last Drama: Forecasting Love and Weather
  • Instagram: rachel_mypark

Park Min-young is a South Korean actress who was born March 4, 1986. She is recognised for her roles in the dramas, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Queen for Seven Days, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Her Private Life, When the Weather Is Fine, and Forecasting Love and Weather.

In Love in Contract, Park Min Young plays Choi Sang-Eun, a woman with many admirable qualities and virtues. As the ideal partner, she decides against getting married herself and pursues a job as a counsellor to single men who aren’t ready to get married.

Go Kyung-Pyo as Jung Ji-Ho

  • Real Name: Go Kyung Pyo
  • Age: 32 years
  • Height: 184cm
  • Last Drama: D.P.
  • Instagram: kopular

Go Kyung-pyo is a South Korean actor and comedian born on June 11, 1990. He gained recognition for his role in the television series Reply 1988 and has since starred in drama’s like Don’t Dare to Dream, Chicago Typewriter, Strongest Deliveryman etc.

In Love in Contract, Go Kyung-Pyo plays Jung Ji-Ho who has a long-term contract with Choi Sang Eun for the days of Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Along with the reason for his contract’s confidentiality, Jung Ji Ho is a strange person whose line of work, interests, and personality are all cloaked in mystery.

Kim Jae-Young as Kang Hae-Jin

  • Real Name: Kim Jae Young
  • Age: 34 years
  • Height: 186cm
  • Last Drama: Reflection of You
  • Instagram: darealkjy

Kim Jae Young is a South Korean actor and model born on September 30, 1988.

In Love in Contract, Kim Jae-Young plays Kang Hae-Jin, the youngest heir of a chaebol family, and also a Hallyu star becomes Choi Sang Eun’s newest client for Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, who will create a huge ruckus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is in Love in Contract main lead?

Park Min Young, Kim Jae Young and Go Kyung Pyo .

What is the real name of Choi Sang-Eun in Love in Contract?

Park Min Young

What is the real name of Jung Ji-Ho in Love in Contract?

Go Kyung-Pyo

What is the real name of Kang Hae-Jin in Love in Contract?

Kim Jae Young

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