Love and Leashes (2022) Review, Photos & Everything We Know

Love and Leashes is a 2022 South Korean Movie released on Netflix on Feburary 11, 2022 to coincide with Valentine Day. It is a Romantic Comedy Korean Movie and depicts a romance between Ji-hoo and Ji Woo. Ji Hoo has everything perfect but has a unique sexual taste, and Ji-woo is a competent public relations team member who finds out about his secret.

Love and Leashes certainly has many layers, and if you’re looking for a movie about sexual freedom, expression, and acceptance, then this movie is definitely for you.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama Melodrama

Love and Leashes: Brief Intro

  • Movie Name: Love and Leashes
  • Also Known As: Moral Sense , The Sensual M , S&M , Moleolsenseu , Moreol Senseu
  • Directed By: Park Hyun-jin
  • Screenplay By: Lee Da-hye &Park Hyeon-jin
  • Based on: Webtoon “Moral Sense”
  • Production company: Seed Film
  • Released On: Netflix
  • Release date: February 11, 2022
  • Running time: 118 minutes
  • Country: South Korea
  • Language: South Korean
  • Content Ratings: 18+ (Violence & Profanity)
Love and Leashes, Image Credit: Promotional Poster Netflix

Love and Leashes Plot\Synopsis:

Jung Ji-Woo (Seohyun) works for a massive corporation. She has romantic feelings for her co-employee Jung Ji-Hoo (Lee Jun-Young), however she hasn`t expressed to him how she feels about him. One day, Jung Ji-Woo gets a package. The package was supposed to be for her co-employee Jung Ji-Hoo, however the shipping became blended up because of their comparable names. When Jung Ji-Woo opens the package, she sees a canine leash withinside the box.

At that time, Jung Ji-Hoo runs over and tells her that it’s his package. The canine leash is supposed for S&M use and belongs to Jung Ji-Hoo. He tells Jung Ji-Woo approximately his S&M fetish and his interest of being ina submissive role. Jung Ji-Woo does now no longer byskip judgement on Jung Ji-Hoo, which touches Jung Ji-Hoo. He asks Jung Ji-Woo if she could come to be his master. Jung Ji-Woo accepts and that they promise to have a brief 3 month courting with Jung Ji-Woo turning into his master.

Love and Leashes Review:

For Jung Ji Woo, her job is not easy. Jiu, who is stuck under her incompetent and sexist boss, Fan, often encounters the character she has built up over the years to be taken cold and serious. It doesn’t bother her in particular, as she knows that being mercilessly honest and rational is part of her personality.

Jung Ji-hu, like most women in her office, finds herself attracted to him when she joins the public relations department as deputy director. But because she is herself, she refuses to flatter him. When Jihoo realized that he was actually participating in Dom and Sub play due to a mix-up of packs due to name similarity, they were immediately strictly limited to sensory play, and the sexual ones. Form an empty partnership.

Jiu begins to develop feelings for Jihu, but is afraid to pursue a romantic relationship because of his past relationships. Things certainly get worse when audio is released showing that they engage in doms and subgames in the office and can ruin their careers.

This movie successfully covers the differences between BDSM and dom and sub relationships and emphasizes the two differences. Jiwoo will take the time to explore and understand the differences between navigating unfamiliar areas. It deviated from dizzying her honestly about her fresh, whole experience from the beginning.

Although she has conducted a thorough investigation, the two maintain a clear boundary that their relationship is sex-free and their sole purpose is to meet other needs. Jihu’s character arc is especially interesting because it deals with the joy of finally finding someone who understands his habits without embarrassment. The scars from his previous relationship with a woman named Hana are still fresh, and Lee Jun-hyung is doing a great job translating it on the screen. Seohyun also shifts from Jihu’s “master” navigation to his feelings, wanting more of her shots, but never acting for her contract.

Another inspirational subplot that the movie focuses on is agreement. When Jiu’s girlfriend Hiemi tries to play Dom and Sub, she’s about to be attacked by a man trying to rape her. The movie takes this opportunity to explain that while it has dynamic power, BDSM and dom-and-sub play require consent.

Love and Leashes Cast:

  • Seohyun appear as Jung Ji-woo
  • Lee Jun-young appear as Jung Ji-hoo
  • Lee El appear as Hye Mi, Jung Ji-woo’s best friend.
  • Lee Suk-hyeong appear as Woo Hyuk, a part-time worker who is obsessed with a dog pub run by Hye Mi
  • Kim Bo-ra appear as Hana, Jung Ji-hoo’s ex-lover
  • Baek Hyun-joo appear as Jung Ji-woo’s mother
  • Ahn Seung-gyun appear as Lee Han, the youngest employee.

Love and Leashes is streaming on Netflix.

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