Love All Play Episode 7 Recap & Summary

In Love All Play Ep 7, Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-Hyun) shared her three-year-old narrative with Park Tae-Joon (Chae Jong-hyeop). Park Tae-jun merely swallowed tears when he learnt that his older sister, Park Jun-young, had wounded Park Tae-yang three years ago.

The business team Yunis played a game to pick players for the team competition for the forthcoming unemployment federation match. They were split into national and non-national squads and engaged in a never-ending conflict. As coach Lee Tae-sang predicted, players who had lost physical power began to show weaknesses, and several players threw up the game due to their fatigue.

Only four men and women remained in the end, and the selection was completed in a doubles match. As the last players, Taeyang and Taejun survived. Yook Jeong-hwan, a member of the national squad, also survived and attracted attention in the men’s group. Park Tae-joon and Yook Jeong-hwan, who growl at each other, had another bloody match this time.

Park Tae-joon, who was focused on the game at the time, stunned everyone by launching a powerful smash toward the opposing court. Goo Hyuk-bong, who is on the same team as Yook Jeong-hwan, narrowed it down and scored a point for the national team, but this was Yook Jeong- hwan’s first touch of the shuttle, and it was Park Tae-Joon’s victory.

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Park Tae-joon was nominated for the team event after such a tense encounter. Park Tae-yang, who made it to the conclusion of the preliminary round like Park Tae-jun, was never called. Park Taeyang had been looking forward to a strong showing in the preliminary round, but his exclusion from the team event came as a shock.

Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-joon had been dating prior to the preliminary round. Park Tae-jun utilised the training as an excuse to deliver the shuttlecock to Park Tae-yang’s chamber, and he and Park Tae-yang even exchanged hearts without the players’ awareness. After the physically demanding sport, they laid down on the lawn and rested together, hugging and comforting each other.

The joys and sorrows of Park Tae-yang and Park Tae-jun were divided after the announcement of the entry. Park Tae-joon offered to buy great food for Park Tae-joon, who was sad, and Park Tae-joon went to a seafood restaurant by the sea, where he worked for three years. Park Taeyang reflected on his previous three-year stint at a sushi restaurant and was determined to persevere through this tribulation.

After visiting a sushi restaurant, the couple spent the night at the beach. The infinite water forced Park Taeyang’s hidden secrets to surface. Park Tae-joon responded by revealing the truth about himself from three years ago, which was the most difficult for him. Park Tae-jun couldn’t think of anything else to say after learning that his older sister Park Jun-young was the player who wounded Park Tae-yang three years ago during winter training.

Even though he was crying in disbelief, Park Tae-joon covered his view with a hug because he didn’t want to show it to Park Tae-yang. Park Tae-yang, who was the first to confess her truth, was treated with great respect. The image of Park Tae-joon thinking of Park Tae-yang before his own shock broke the hearts of the audience even more.

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