Love All Play Episode 5 Recap & Summary

In Love All Play Ep 5, Park Tae-Joon (Chae Jong Hyeop) discovers Yuk Jeong-hwan’s ploy of sending Park Tae-yang (Park Ju Hyun) to Somang Bank. He retaliated by expressing his displeasure with Jung-hwan Yook. The two men who argued back and forth were eventually punished by having to run 100 laps around the playground. Park Tae-Joon, however, carried out the sentence in silence.

Park Taeyang chose to follow Junghwan Yook’s wishes and go to Somang Bank. It was because she wanted to help Yook Jung-hwan, who is constantly reminded of Park Joon-young, who was involved in an accident. He met Park Tae-yang at the training centre before departing, and Park Tae-joon suggested that he become a lover rather than a partner.

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“Let’s date,” Park Tae-joon kissed Park Tae-yang. Taeyang Park initially accepted, but she soon realised she wasn’t ready to date and pushed him away. Despite Yunis coach Lee Tae-sang’s final urging, Park Tae-yang chose Somang Bank.

Tae-yang Park quietly departed Yunis when Tae-sang Lee advised Park Tae-joon to cease performing mixed doubles. Park Taeyang was transferred to Somang, but the manager did not scout her as an athlete. Yook Jung-hwan also made a suggestion, but it was to promote the squad by utilising Park Taeyang’s awareness, who had previously been dubbed a clever girl.

Somang member Lee Yoo-min informed her father Tae-sang about Park Taeyang’s scouting. Lee Yoo-min was talking to Lee Tae-sang when Park Tae-joon overheard them. Taeyang Park also knew before signing the contract that it was not a good contract for her. Park Tae-yang, who wanted to exercise, tried to sign a contract with Somang Bank since she had nowhere else to go.

It wasn’t Park Tae-joon who took Park Tae-yang down the wrong road. He went to Jung-hwan Yook, the one who started it all, and requested that he return Park Tae-yang to Yunis, telling him what he had heard. When it was decided to return to Yunis, Taeyang Park, , who was shedding tears of joy, received a text message from Park Tae-jun.

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Love All Play Episode 5 Recap

As a result, the two reunited by the fountain, which was brimming with memories. They shared the excitement of Park Taeyang’s return to Yunis as they saw the first snowfall. The two beautiful back hugs blended dazzlingly with the background of the first snow.

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